Let’s Consider All Religions for a Moment

Let’s consider for a moment why God would allow so many religions to present themselves as “representatives of the truth” and to so many people in all different parts of the world and yet have them bring forth things which are BITS of truth, things that need to be EXPANDED UPON and also things which need to be DISPOSED OF altogether.

I’ll tell you why this is, in a moment. Let me first say though that there IS Truth that is absolute and infallible, and this is THE ABSOLUTE, EVER TRANSCENDING LIVING TRUTH OF GOD, something that can never (accurately) be expressed with 3d words or images because THIS TRUTH is beyond anything that has ever been created.

And thus, we must realize that it is ENTIRELY possible that two religions can have beliefs that seem to contradict each other, yet both of them were given these things BY GOD and for a divine purpose. How is this? Well, this is precisely because the Father’s goal with a particular religion is to ADDRESS PEOPLE IN A SPECIFIC STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and to help them COME TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS and to then HELP THEM COME OUT OF THAT STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS so that they can BECOME MORE, very much more, even eventually get back in touch with THE ONGOING RIVER OF LIFE!

In other words, Beloved, ALL MEN will eventually COME OUT OF ALL WORLDLY RELIGIONS AND BELIEF SYTEMS because THEY HAVE TO, for God is going to eventually be ALL IN ALL MEN, despite all of the doctrines and beliefs of the religions of the world, Christianity’s doctrines and beliefs included.

Quite, shocking, I know.