Leaving Adullam

A sister wrote in and had some questions about something that I wrote a while back, something that is now posted on someone’s website. She was wondering what I meant when I said that the saints must eventually leave the caves of Adullam if they are ever going to learn to rule as kings. Because she had never heard such a teaching before, I felt led to offer her just a little more on this. This is the gist of what I shared with her today. May it bless you, too, in some way …

* * * * * * *

What I was referring to there is that there are many “kingdom” and “sonship” folks out there today who have been “hiding out” in the wilderness (the caves of Adullam) and who expect that someday they will just manifest as “Sons,” but there is a time to leave that “cave” place to start walking in some REAL kingly authority. I was using king David as an example in this, in that he learned a lot about God, about himself, and about reigning as a king in the caves of the wilderness, but there was also a time for him to leave that place in order to start actually ruling as a king. Many people may not know this, but David ruled only in part at Hebron for 7 1/2 years before he was anointed as king over all of Israel. In a sense, God gave him some hands on training as a king before He let him reign over all of Israel as one. I tried to use this teaching to stir some of the spiritual recluses of today to leave their caves whereby they might get a better (experiential) understanding of what kingly reigning (in Christ) is really about. We don’t go from the caves in the wilderness to ruling over all of Israel. No, we too must go to Hebron first. That is where we learn experientially about living as sacrifices for others, and about the authority that we have to put all works of the devil underfoot. Hebron is the place where we learn to cooperate (partner) with God in the setting of His creation free. The name “Hebron” actually means ‘colleague’, ‘unite’ or ‘friend,’ and for us, this bespeaks of coming to know the heart and mind and authority of God in such a way that we can become the very expression of those things in the earthly situations all around us.