Laying Hold of the Kingdom

“Now, from the days of John the baptist hitherto, the kingdom of the heavens is being violently forced and the violent are snatching it.” (Matthew 11:12 CLT)

The beginning of violently seizing the kingdom starts with us being utterly violent toward our own self wants and needs and comforts, beloved. In other words, we can’t be married to the things of self and the world and be of those described above. Also, just because we are in (are part of) the Church, that in no way means that we are “laying hold of the Kingdom.” I say this because the Church IS NOT the Kingdom, in that the Church is made up of those who have been called out of the world and its ways to serve God, and it is comprised of forgiven sinners, but the Kingdom of God is made up of NEW CREATURES who DO the will of the Father. This means that the Church consists of all unto whom the righteousness of Christ has been imputed by faith, but the Kingdom of God is “snatched” by those who violently press on to OVERCOME everything of the fallen adamic nature. Jesus Himself said that it is not every one who says “Lord, Lord” who shall lay hold of the Kingdom of God, beloved, but that the Kingdom of God will be possessed by those who can continually do the will of the Father because their self-life has been fully crucified.