Laws of the Spirit World

For many of us, God has been blowing up our religious dogma and erroneous mindsets for years. Well, here’s another bomb which will probably upset some people, but work absolute wonders in the understanding of others. Please keep in mind as you read this that “reincarnation” is a law of the 3rd and the 4th dimension, but that (as far as I understand it) it does not apply to the higher realms and spheres of the spirit world. I will try to further explain this in coming writings. Credit is given to Allan Kardec and his helpers for many of the insights shared in this article. — D

I’m going to start this letter by saying that the world in which we now live is the most material of worlds, and it is the furthest removed from perfection. This is why this world is used as a filter or distiller for spirits, the difficulties of this world serving to give opportunity for the rapid advancement of spirit beings.

Next, I’m going to say that nothing is impossible, but for the most part, humans cannot attain to perfection in a single lifetime, and for this reason it is given for spirits to continually undergo the trial of a new existence – them not just experiencing the transformation that is available to them in various dimensions of the spirit world, but them REPEATEDLY experiencing the trial of new physical existences in the material world.

This must be so for spirits, beloved, for it is the will of the Father for all of His children to progress unto the wisdom and the knowledge and the morality of the full stature of Christ, and this state of BE-ing is so exalted that progress unto it can seem almost infinite. This (the many successive physical existences of spirits) also must be so if our God be perfectly just (and He is). Let me explain…

Consider that our Father’s affection for us is so great that He always leaves a door of repentance open for us. He does not inflict eternal privation and unhappiness on those who fail or who have not had the opportunity to fully attain perfection. Now also consider that all spirits are created with a tendency towards perfection, but all do not greatly advance in a single lifetime. They are all furnished by God with the means of advancement through the trials of the corporeal life, but advancement in one lifetime can be quite limited, and so, spirits are compelled by divine justice to accomplish IN NEW EXISTENCES that which they had not been able to do (or complete) in previous trials (and lives). It would not be consistent with the justice of God nor with His goodness to sentence to eternal suffering (or even to eternally place) those who may have encountered obstacles to their improvement independent of their own will, and this because of things which were the results of the very nature of the conditions in which these people found themselves placed. If the fate of mankind were irrevocably fixed after a single lifetime, then God would not have weighed the actions of all men in the same scales, and He would not have treated them all with impartiality.

So, MANY successive existences are required to satisfy divine justice, this especially because people are often placed in circumstances over which they have no control and in conditions unfavorable to their advancement in wisdom, knowledge and morality. This can explain a whole lot of things with regard to the Father’s ways and with regard to why He allows what He allows, and it can also give us a sound basis for our hopes, that because Christ was slain (in the eternal moment) before the foundation of the world, mankind is given the means of redeeming all of their errors through new trials – man is given the ability of being fully conformed into the likeness and image of God Himself – sanctified by fire until the job is done.

I can already hear some folks asking, “But, D, what about the verse, ‘It is given for man once to die and then the judgment’?” Well, some digging into the original language in which that verse was first penned can show that it can be translated as; “It is given for man to die and then at once the judgment.” The judgment here has to do with the decisions made with regard to what environment and circumstances is best for the benefit of the spirit that is being judged. Understanding this might help you to understand the benevolence of God’s judgment, beloved.

Divine justice does not place someone in a position in the spirit world (at once and for all eternity) based on their failures or their successes of a single lifetime. If man had but a single physical existence, and if, after this existence, his future state were fixed for all eternity, by what standard of merit could eternal bliss be adjudged to that half of the human race that dies in childhood, and by what just rule would the spirits of these children be exonerated from the normal conditions of spiritual progress, often so painful, and imposed on the other half of humankind? Such an ordering could not be reconciled with the justice of God.

Through the reincarnation of spirits the most absolute justice is equally meted out to all beings. The possibilities of the future are open to all, without exception, and without favor to any. Those who are the last to arrive have only themselves to blame for the delay. Each man must merit advancement by way of his own right action and by his diligence in pressing for the mark of the high calling of God, and he justly has to bear the consequences of his choices and his own wrong-doing. Justice also does not place someone who squandered their opportunities to advance toward perfection on a level with those who made much better use of their lives, though, by the knowledge that failures even unto the end of physical life will not exclude anyone forever from supreme peace and happiness, and by the knowledge that all moral failures will be able to be conquered through new efforts and God-given opportunities, man can revive his courage and sustain his energy to press on.

Even those who do fairly well in life tend to regret at the end of their life that the experience and knowledge and wisdom acquired came too late to allow the turning of it all to useful account. This tardily acquired experience will not be lost for these people though. They WILL profit by it, in a new corporeal (material) life. Of course, this is also just.

Several years ago when on the phone with someone the subject of “reincarnation” came up. I pondered it a bit, and then quickly dismissed it as I just couldn’t see how it fit in with what I knew about the Father’s plan for us all. Within hours though I was prompted by the Spirit to go to a theater to see a particular movie. I had no clue what the movie was about. I was just told to go see it and I was told the name was “Cloud Atlas.” In the theater, it wasn’t long before I was TOTALLY FLOORED seeing that the entire movie (all three hours of it) was about reincarnation. Knowing full well that the Holy Spirit sent me to see this movie, and also knowing what was being said to me through it, I couldn’t help but think in the midst of watching the film, “Holy @&$@! What the heck am gonna do with this?”

Well, since then I’ve been shown what to do with this knowledge, and how this is a key to understanding very many things. The truths that are shared here have been known and shared since the beginning of time, beloved, not as certain religions have accessorized these truths by adding to them superstition and conjecture, but known in the way that is conformable with the natural law of progress for spirits and in harmony with the wisdom and the justice of God.

Of course, there are persons who shall outright reject what I’m sharing here simply because they do not like it or because it conflicts greatly with what they’ve been trained to believe. That’s ok. Their rejection of the truth presented here doesn’t change anything. No matter how displeasing this may be to them or how difficult it is for them to accept as true, they will be compelled to submit to the process that I have described here, for God does not look to us on how to run His universe. He’s already got it all worked out just perfectly. — D


In response to a few questions fielded this morning, I’ll share here that it seems that all spirits are created equal, but they have not all been created AT THE SAME TIME (as in Genesis 1), so spirit beings are in all sorts of various stages of development toward the perfection that the Father intends for them all.

Along these lines; to know someone “after the spirit and not after the flesh” in many ways has to do with discerning the state (or the progressive maturity) of a spirit, i.e.; there are children alive today who (in spirit) have lived longer and have acquired more experience than their parents and therefore they have made more progress than them. To the discerning, this can be quite obvious at times.

With regard to spirits who have reached the highest degrees of perfection (some of you might call these “angels”), these have all passed up through ALL of the degrees of purification as ordained by God, some of these spirits advancing rather quickly through the process because of them accepting their mission and their trials without murmuring and complaining (not resisting the work), while others reaching the same goal by way of having EONS AND EONS of time in which to do it.

With regard to the expiations of the physical world in contrast to the sanctification of the non-material realms; all spirits are created simple and ignorant but gain tremendous experience and instruction in the struggles and the tribulations of the material, corporeal life. It is not that a spirit cannot progress in a non-material realm, but (as far as I understand it) a spirit will eventually reach a stationary place where reincarnating is required in order for the spirit to go forward (higher). For some (most) spirits they are sent back as an expiation; for others it can be a mission which must be undertaken by them for their benefit and/or for the benefits of others.

This all said, let me just say here that the state of “perfection” for which we all long to know is WAY FAR BEYOND what any of us can even think of or imagine, and in order to attain to this state it is necessary for us to undergo all the vicissitudes (every possible combination of circumstances and fortune) of material existence. It is the experience acquired by expiation in the material world that constitutes its great usefulness for spirits. Incarnation also has another aim, though, and this is of fitting the spirit to perform its share in the work of God’s creation; of it being made to assume a material vessel that is in harmony with the material state of the world into which it is sent in order to accomplish the special work of which it has been enabled (by God’s grace) to accomplish. In this way a spirit is made to contribute its quota towards the general well-being of the world, while at the same time it achieving its own spiritual advancement.

That’s all for now.