Laws of the 3rd and 4th Dimension

Beloved, because Christ was slain before the foundation of the world, there is GRACE upon all mankind and LAWS which apply to all men which give all men opportunity to improve. This is about those laws…

In their densest form (their physical bodies), newborns derive many characteristics from their parents, however, there are also PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUAL FREEDOM inherent in the infinite Creation by which new beings inherit TENDENCIES and not just characteristics, these tendencies having to do with the general ENVIRONMENT in which a spirit has been called to live in order for it to advance. Yes, the divine intention in ANY circumstance or environment is ALWAYS spiritual advancement.

If a soul returns to the physical world and remains WILLING TO WORK for self-growth it WILL OVERCOME the ignoble commands from its body or its environment, and it will TRIUMPH over adverse conditions to obtain VICTORIES which could not be had but in the physical world. If a spirit is inclined toward inferior tendencies though, IT WILL SURELY FIND THEM AGAIN in the scenario of human experience, and it will thereby waste valuable time and God-given opportunities for it to evolve. Some people waste entire lifetimes.

The point here is that no one can complain of overwhelming destructive forces or overpowering circumstances regarding the environment where he or she was reborn, for WE ALL have the light of inner freedom inside us showing us THE WAY UPWARD no matter what our environment or circumstances. This means that practicing to ascend spiritually in the midst of ANY circumstance will always improve a person, for this is written in the laws of the 3rd and 4th dimension.

Remember, beloved, we’re talking about the improvement and advancement of all men here, NOT inheriting the Kingdom of God or attaining to the resurrection out from the dead. That’s something else altogether. I’ve written for years and years about that. I’m trying here to simply help people to understand how GOD LOVES EVERYONE and because of this He has made a way for everyone to spiritually advance, if not just a little bit at a time.