Knowledge of the Purpose

To be “more than a conqueror” is more than just putting adversarial conditions and circumstances at your feet, beloved. It is being able to actually REJOICE in them, knowing that those things have become your SERVANT and are being used for your perfecting. This is what it means to be “joyful in tribulation.” The early apostles knew this. This truth was carved on their hearts. It needs to be carved on our hearts too.

Of course, this is not saying that there is not pain and anguish and tears shed in the times of our suffering, but rather that there is an inner joy in the KNOWLEDGE OF THE PURPOSE for our pain and sorrow, something that can give us strength to press on, to persevere.

It was for the joy set before Him (the knowledge of the purpose) that Jesus endured the cross, beloved. So it is also that we may endure ours.

Bless you,