Knowing Him

A sister shared with me that she is about to “step out” and share with another sister about the restitution of all things and the reconciliation of all men. I shared something briefly with her about this, something that I’ll pass on here …

* * * * * * * * * *

I had a dream last night, and that was that I was sharing many things with an “unbeliever,” and he seemed somewhat interested in what I had to say, but then, at the end of our conversation, I said, “By the way, God so loves the world that He sent His only Son to save it — all of it. In Christ, God will eventually save ALL men, but each in his own rank and order according to a divinely mastered Plan.” This truth then hit this guy like a ton of bricks, and he then fell on his knees before the Lord and wept and wept and wept in gratitude and appreciation for God’s great love for him. What a demonstration of the kindness and love that leads to repentance.

Some people think that this truth will lead people to live lives of wantonness and licentiousness though, but if that’s the case for some, that wickedness is already in their hearts and it needs to be exposed so that God can then (permanently) deal with it. Many people today serve God out of a fear of “going to hell,” but unfortunately, that is not the kind of relationship with God that brings genuine Christ-like transformation in one’s life. So, many (if not most) in the church today are still very carnal, believing that they have a “ticket to heaven” but who are not in a place where they can SEE GOD and KNOW HIM in a way that they actually become LIKE HIM (think on that “Lord, Lord …” thing, as it applies here).

We become like the God (or god) that we worship, and many “Christians” today are manifesting another god to people and not Christ because they simply do not love people as they ought to love them and that because they do not KNOW Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world yet, but only as one who can save only a select few and then who loses all the rest of God’s creation to a devil “forever and ever.”

Sorry, but THAT is not the Gospel. It is though something that is quite zealously preached today by people who can only see God through the eyes of their erroneous religious traditions. Those “teachers” are the “blind guides” of today who Jesus said are “shutting the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces.” Those “teachers” cannot enter into God’s rest themselves because they don’t really KNOW God, and by their teaching, they are keeping others from entering into His rest too.

My prayer for such “teachers” is that they will soon get free from the spirit of religion which they are now subject to (for various reasons), and that they then will come to a measure of the knowledge of the TRUTH whereby they might KNOW the Lord as He IS and not as tradition has taught and still teaches Him to be. This is so that they can become the very EXPRESSION of the Father, even as mature Sons in Christ, and that so that others might come unto the knowledge of the truth through them, to a measure whereby those others can also KNOW God.

This is what harvest is really all about, by the way – people coming to maturity in Christ (which is a KNOWING of God) so that others might KNOW HIM also.