Kiss The Son

I’m going to share with you here a few things that I shared with our brother Chris, and that about what he shared with us all the other day …

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I think that we’ve all been missing it, Chris, the reason for “the fall” that is, and just what it is that God is looking for from us. Our Father could remove all of our sin from us in a moment, and He’d then have a people who behave just marvelously, but that is not at all what He is after.

No, if God did such a thing, He would have only what He started with in the beginning — Adam; a creature who was innocent and perfectly created, but who had only a limited knowledge and understanding of God because THE HOLY ONE can only be fully KNOWN along with a revelation of His mercy and grace. Without an experiential knowledge of God’s mercy and grace, Adam could not KNOW God, not in the sense that God desires to be KNOWN by US, anyway.

So, God has allowed us all (of Adam) to slip into the futility, frailty, and frustration of the fallen creature, and that, not so much that we will somehow get over it all (by way of the cross) to then be able to “get into heaven someday,” but, so that even in our struggles with sin and the sinful nature we might get a revelation of just who OUR FATHER REALLY IS!

What I’m saying here is that the light of the glory of God is seen in the FACE of Jesus Christ, and His FACE is often revealed to us IN THE MIDST of even our greatest failures. But because of a Christian preoccupation with trying to clean up the old Adam rather than just resting in what God has already accomplished for us in Christ, GOD is often overlooked in our trials and tribulations, and we then find ourselves no better off at the end of those trials (in our KNOWING of God) than we were when they first began.

Are you hearing me, man? What I’m sharing here is that most Christians today are not SEEING THE FACE OF GOD in the very things that are designed (by God) for them to SEE HIM. God really does use ALL things for a good purpose, and that even includes our sin, believe it or not. When we come to know this, really KNOW this, then we can learn just how to see the FACE OF GOD in ALL of our situations. That’s what this life is really all about, you know? That we might come to KNOW HIM in the power of His resurrection life by overcoming our carnal perspective on things to the point that we can fully put on the mind of Christ. This “overcoming” place in Christ is a place where we can’t even tell where WE END and HE BEGINS, man! This is because our perspective on most everything has become as ONE with HIM, and because of that, our will and purposes are as ONE also!

Along these lines, the Lord quickened something to me the other day that said, “Kiss My Face.” Now, I didn’t know at the time just what He meant by that, but I’m now seeing that in that phrase He is describing the INTIMACY that He desires to have with His Bride. I can see now, Chris, that God is bringing His Bride elect to the place where she can SEE HIS FACE and also KISS IT.

To SEE HIS FACE, is to behold His glory and to be changed by that glory. To KISS HIS FACE though, well, that seems to me to be the place in relationship to Him where there is a rather intense and unusual form of intimacy. I really think that this “face kissing” thing might be describing the last stage of our preparation for the Marriage of the Lamb. Surely, that is something for us to think about.

Bless you,man.