Kingdom Living On Earth

Most of you should “get” by now that the entirety of humanity is not all on Earth, but that the population of the Earth is only a small fraction of the total. In effect, the human species covers many differing states and dimensions as well as innumerable planets, the entirely of this constituting what has been be called (by Jesus) “The Father’s House.”

What then is the mere population of the Earth when compared with the total population of all worlds and dimensions, and is it right for us to think that Earth is the most intellectually advanced or blessed of material habitations? It is not, as it is not.

Earth (like people) is destined to progress though, as progress is a law of nature. We might say that as living beings progress morally, so the worlds in which they live progress materially, because our Father desires for everything to be exalted and to prosper and He has set laws in place to see this accomplished.

Even physical death, which appears to many men to be the end of everything, is really only another part of the means of reaching a more perfect state through transformation. Everything dies only to be born again in another form, and in this way it suffers no negative consequences from the disintegration of its physical form (though, for spirits, there may be negative consequences from things done while in the body).

According to the laws which I so feebly tried to describe above, this world has been in a materially and morally inferior position to that which it finds itself in today, and it will lift itself up in both of these aspects so as to reach a more elevated degree in the future. It is my understanding that the time has also now been reached for one of the Earth’s periodic transformations. Many people today are becoming aware of this – that the Earth is moving upwards from a world of tribulation and expiations to that of a regenerating planet where men will be far more loving and joyful and much better positioned to learn truth, because the vibration of this planet will be out of reach for many dark and deceptive influences (“Satan will be bound”), and because Christ will truly reign in many hearts making the planet far more conducive to kingdom living than it has ever been before.