FYI: After a recent water fast of a few days, and thereby being in a state of ketosis, the Lord indicated that He would show me how to EAT and stay in ketosis, but not only that, He spoke to me of the tremendous health benefits of ADAPTING our metabolism to a constant ketogenic state (burning fatty acids/ketone bodies for fuel instead of burning carbs/glucose).

What this means, beloved, is that by way of a high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate way of eating, our body’s metabolism can be SHIFTED from using glucose for energy to using FAT for energy (via beta oxidation). The heart actually prefers this energy source (ketones) over glucose, and so does the brain.

Interestingly enough, scientific researchers are now finding that even cancer cannot easily survive in a body that uses ketones for fuel, because cancer feeds on glucose, and in ketosis you’ve pretty much exhausted all of your glycogen stores. Researches are also finding that children with epilepsy, when adapted to ketosis, no longer experience seizures, and that Alzheimer’s patients greatly improve when ketones are introduced to their brains as fuel by way of a ketogenic diet.

There is a lot more to say about all of this, and I may share more on it later. For now, let me just say that most all of you have NOT been told the truth about the BENEFITS OF FATS (lots of them) in your diet (with the exception of trans-fats), and you’ve also NOT been told the truth about the dangers of regularly consuming large amounts of carbohydrates. You’ve also probably not been told that God has given us TWO ENGINES by which our metabolic systems can run, and these engines run on entirely different fuels. For most people today who are living on the Standard American Diet (SAD), the second engine is not even working, and it seems to me that this second engine might just be the way to metabolic excellence.

As far as I see it, Jesus was obviously in a state of ketosis during the time of His wilderness experience, but not only that. By going through such a fast His body must have ADAPTED to a ketogenic state. This is where one has BOTH OF THEIR ENGINES running efficiently, the body having learned to produce all of the enzymes needed to burn fat just as efficiently (if not more efficiently) than carbohydrates. When keto-adapted one does not get hungry, because they have instant access to over 40,000 calories from body fat at any moment (yes, even with lean people). Also, when fully Keto-adapted, one can eat a high carb meal and this will KICK THEM OUT OF KETOSIS, but when they go back to eating in a ketogenically friendly way they will go back into ketosis in a short time because they have already fully adapted to that state. FYI: Keto-adaptation generally takes 3-6 weeks from the time one enters ketosis. This may be longer or shorter depending on the metabolic, physical and emotional condition of the person.

Here are a few of videos for those of you who would like to learn more about this. There’s some rather eloquent medical and scientific language used in the beginning of the first video, which might be a little hard for some you to understand, but hang in there, as it gets easier and the video is full of some rather exciting stuff. The second video is rather short and sweet, it mostly explaining how a ketogenic state can kill cancer cells. The last video is Stephanie Person explaining her experience with all of this. Stephanie is  “Keto-coach” who has LOADS of beneficial things to share. You may want to check out her YouTube Page where her videos are archived.

Blessings to you all as you explore! — D