Just FYI…

Just FYI: A friend and I are considering putting up a new website, another blog of sorts, which has a lot more to do with wellness in body, soul and spirit and which is much lighter on prophetic exhortations and the “strong meat” side of things. This will cover more thoroughly the way to grasp onto wholeness and wellness by using old ways and ancient healing systems as well as using more modern tools and modalities such as homeopathy, naturopathy and aromatherapy. This new website should create an opportunity to meet with a whole new demographic of people, as most of what is posted on King David’s Table is surely for a “little flock” that has been prepared for a strong, meaty word, something that most people are not quite ready for.

With regard to essential oils, for those of you who use them, leading chemists and authorities in that field are now reporting that 75-80% of the oils being sold today are adulterated in some way, and now, with the availability of GC/MS technology, this adulteration is being easily proven. Of course, what we want is 100% true, unadulterated botanical essential oils that are wild-crafted or organically farmed. That said, every product listed as “certified organic” on Amrita Aromatherapy’s website has been verified by third party regulators as grown, harvested, distilled and handled without pesticides, chemicals and other toxic ingredients (and all according to the USDA/NOP standards). In other words, you don’t have to just take someone’s word for it anymore.

Amrita has 166 certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils, and the fragrance and energy spectrum of the ones that I’ve tried have been particularly lively, rich and whole. From what I understand, Dr. Streicher chooses all the oils himself, and he does not accept anything that has been rectified, peroxidized, decolorized, deterpenized, denatured, reconstituted or mixed with other essential oils, lipids, alcohol or other chemical compounds. He also uses in-house GC/MS testing in order to critically evaluate the biochemistry of the oils. Because I know that this is a good company, I’ve now put up a banner for them on the website so that people who are interested can easily buy their oils. Really, I’m just doing my best to find the highest quality EO’s for people to use. I use them quite often, and I only want to use the best (which DOES NOT mean the most expensive).

With regard to “the most expensive” and along the lines of adulteration and dishonesty, I sent a friend last night (who is a representative for a rather prestigious and expensive EO company) a link to an article about a petition that was started by some members of that same company who pooled their money together in order to do some tests and who brought their concerns (and the labs’ test results) to that company DEMANDING some answers. The short of it is that some rather thorough tests were performed by 3 different, independent labs on 5 different bottles of this company’s oils and EVERY BOTTLE was found to be adulterated. One of the samples was found to be 56% synthetic! As you can probably imagine, this revelation caused an exodus of salespeople from this company. There were almost 4500 members who signed the petition demanding answers, and I imagine that most of them probably left the company when the company did not come up with a real good explanation as to why the independent tests of their oils showed such adulteration.

Anyway, I’m sharing all of this because it really upsets me when people are taken advantage of, and it especially upsets me when people’s health is endangered for the sake of a business’s bottom line. Frankly, I long for the day when we can actually TRUST PEOPLE and when we don’t have to do tests like GC/MS. In the mean time though, let us be wise and walk circumspectly in Spirit, and let’s do what we can to expose corruption while HELPING PEOPLE to be safe – to be well – in a world that is obviously still very broken.

Bless you all.