Prophetic Ministry

Dear friends,

God has a prophetic ministry in the land today which has been crying out for the church to prepare for the next stage of the Kingdom, but the leaders of the religious systems and institutions of men have caused many of their followers to fear this prophetic ministry. History is surely repeating itself once again. BUT, some of God’s people (just a small remnant) are LISTENING to their spirit which now bears witness with the modern day “Voice in the Wilderness,” and these people are coming OUT of the harlot systems of religion and are coming into an acceptance of the truth in preparation for a worldwide manifestation of the (corporate) Son.

With regard to this “manifestation of the Son,” it seems to me, beloved, that some of us are being prepared by the Spirit for an outpouring (which comes from within) of Spirit and power that belonged to the early Church, and I believe that this is a PRECONDITION to Sonship. What I am saying is that some of “the first works” of the Church have been lost to most all of us, and this (for the most part) because we have become spiritually soft and much more like the world than most of us care to realize. Sure, God has opened up to quite a few of us many deep and wonderful things about His Kingdom, but if these things are not TESTED AND TRIED OUT IN US EXPERIENTIALLY they will not produce the MATURING in us that is required for us to ascend unto the right hand (the authority) of the Father (as a Son).

Along these lines, my friend Brad received by the Spirit yesterday that we are to tread lightly when speaking about moving “beyond Pentecost.” I see now (better than I did yesterday) why it is that he received such a word. I believe that in and through that word, beloved, there is an ADMONISHMENT from the Spirit that many potential “Sons” of today have not DEMONSTRATED the faith required to move into the fullness of “the earnest” of the Spirit (Pentecost), not to mention the fullness of the Spirit at Tabernacles. In other words, the fullness of Pentecost is still yet something for MOST ALL OF US to yet attain to, and yet we’re sounding our spiritual horns as though we’re fully prepared for something much, much greater than that.

Boiled down…

What I’m getting by the Spirit lately is that while many wannabe “Sons of God” of today are expecting to soon explode onto the world scene in demonstration of Tabernacles, God is busy bringing forth a NEW ORDER of Christians who are FORERUNNERS to the fulfillment of the great Feast of Tabernacles, AND THESE ARE STILL OF PENTECOST, just not of Pentecost as most Christians today have known it.

Beloved, if what I am hearing is correct, we must come into THE FULLNESS OF PENTECOST before we can come fully into Tabernacles, and this “coming in” will not happen without the outpouring of THE (real) LATTER RAIN.

God’s grace under Pentecost (through gifts and anointing of Spirit) has been manifested to His church for 2,000 years now, friends, and we have been tremendously SUSTAINED by that grace, but there is something MUCH BIGGER that is coming, this so that the Church of today can return to THE CHURCH’S FIRST WORKS, even to that which is shown to us in the testimony of the first century Church EMPOWERED BY THE FORMER RAIN.

I guess that what I’m saying, folks, is that the Book of Acts (and even Pentecost) isn’t finished yet. Ask the Lord if this is so.