Jesus’ Office and the Universal Christ

Of course, Jesus holds the office of Savior of the World, the office of the Son of God and the Firstborn from among the dead. He is the Head of His Body, the Church, and in the spirit world (all realms except the very highest) He now occupies a place of preeminence (supremacy).

This all being true, it should also be known that Christ did not manifest as Jesus to start a sectarian religion which would condemn all non-members, but Instead, that through Jesus, all men would be given the opportunity to TRANSCEND their fallen consciousness. Jesus was the incarnation of the Living Christ, and when he walked the earth those 2,000 years ago he HURLED the challenge at all humankind that there IS a higher reality than the fallen consciousness of man. With his life Jesus showed that LIFE IS TRANSCENDENCE and that without transcendence there is no life. He showed us that life is not in a stationary orbit but it is constantly transcending and expanding and renewing itself, and that we must always be willing to TRANSCEND the old matrix (the old paradigms and ways of thinking) in order for us to KNOW true life, and that this is done by us walking (as Jesus did) with God in Spirit.

I am reminded here of the word “universal” that I received from Spirit a few weeks ago, and it is quite obvious now how the meaning of this has expanded. CHRIST IS UNIVERSAL, and it has been given for me to try to put this into words over the past few weeks so that people can either accept these words or deny them. My job has been to simply present them.

Beloved, THE UNIVERSAL CHRIST has one goal only, and this is to get mankind to LET GO of the duality consciousness (the consciousness of anti-christ) and instead come to identify with THE CHRIST WITHIN. Christ WITHIN YOU is the “wedding garment” that you must put on, dear friends, for no one (“Christian” or not) who is still stuck in duality consciousness can enter the heavenly realms, for in those realms ALL BEINGS are ONE with God and with one-another IN CHRIST. In other words, how can those who wear not the wedding garment of Christ enter Christ’s wedding feast? They can’t. They must remain in “the outer darkness” of their own minds until they can put on Christ’s mind – come into CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s just the way that it works.

And so, for the past 2,000 years Jesus (in His ascended state of Being) has served in this office of Savior and Lord. Christians will tell you that those who come to Him must do so by way of the Christian religion, but that is not so. That is a lie. The Lord has been receiving people from every religion on earth (and from no religions) over these past 2,000 years, and He will continue to do so. The way (in)to Him is by THE TRUE INNER FAITH which leads people to THE CHRIST within themselves. What I mean is; when men TRULY FIND CHRIST there (inside themselves), then they will also find and come to KNOW the real Jesus, the Lord of all and the Savior of all mankind.


In other words, there are people of many religions who (by way of THE INNER JOURNEY) have come into Christ consciousness and in this way have come to KNOW JESUS in ways that most Christians today cannot yet comprehend. Most Christians today (because of the picture that they’ve formed in their minds about Jesus and because of the dogma preached to them which relates to this picture) have a way of CONDESCENDING to others who in many ways are even more “ascended” than they are.

Really? Yep. Does this bother you? Frankly, I think that most Christians today would benefit GREATLY from some of the Buddhist and Hindu and New Age practices, because many of these practices help to STILL THE CARNAL MIND, which is something that seems to have completely RUN-AMOK in most Christian circles today.

To practice these things (even with/among the people of these particular religious modalities) might also help certain people to deal with some of the religious, SECTARIAN VIBES that still lurk deep within their beings. In other words, these folks might just learn how to LOVE PEOPLE and quit all of their religious BULL SHIT (the Spirit told me to say that – the 4 letter word, by the way, for whatever the reason, and then told me to go back and CAPITALIZE IT).

Beloved, some of you may want to take a step back for a moment to view all of this from another (broader) perspective (read between the lines of all of this, so to speak). What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see. Through these words (if you can receive them) God is ACTIVATING in you the vibrations of UNITY and ONENESS of and for ALL BEINGS, and this is because these vibrations HAVE TO BE fully activated IN YOU in order for you to attain to the extremely high-vibrational state of THE MIND OF CHRIST.

Remember; this Mind IS your wedding garment, and so, hold on to your low-vibe sectarian crap, and you won’t have what you need to enter the wedding banquet.