I am someone who has a great appreciation for intercession, and for Intercessors…

I’m not sure that many people in the church understand the difference between prayer and intercession. Praying has to do with bearing witness to something through prayer for the purpose of bringing the Father’s will to pass. Intercession is similar, but there is often deep (and sometimes painful) prophetic identification of the pray-er (the person) with respect to the subject of the prayer. All believers are called to pray and intercede. But this does not mean that all believers are Intercessors. It seems to me that Intercessors work within the office of the prophet. They are gatekeepers in a sense, those who are constantly on alert and who thereby are always ready to enter into prophetic travail on behalf of others, again, to see the Father’s will come to pass.

There is great responsibility and accountability before God for Intercessors, for they are often shown deeply personal things about others WHICH THEY MUST HOLD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE and must never look critically or condescendingly upon people because of the things that they are being shown. I personally have had some dreams which were so vivid that I felt as though I had crawled up into the heads of some people to see there (through dreams) their thoughts. This, of course, was given to me for me to intercede (not talk about). I knew full well that I was not to share what was shown to me with anyone. With this in mind, I will say here that God shows Intercessors what is wrong (in the spirit, in lives and in hearts) because Intercessors have the heart (and the grace) to get involved enough to make things right.

There is very much more to all of this (intercession), beloved. I felt to just touch on this subject here that you might inquire of the Lord for yourself for more insight. One more thing that I will mention is that an Intercessor can sometimes experience the symptoms of an afflicted person that they are interceding for. I’ve experienced this, and I’m quite sure that some of you have too. In this you should be able to see how this work can be quite sacrificial, as God allows things like pain and affliction into the life of the Intercessor for the purpose of their prophetic identification with a subject.

Beloved, I’ll end this note by simply saying this…

Intercessors are not just those who pray, they are those WHO GO TO WAR (in the spirit) on behalf of others.