In Spirit and Truth

I think that one of the greatest challenges that faces spiritual teachers today, is that the very condition from which people need to be set free from is often the condition which prevents them from truly hearing the message that can set them free.

The minds of most human beings on earth today have become closed systems in which their own circular logic prevents them from hearing the message that can free them from their self-created, self-sustained mental prisons. Consider how easy it is for people to reject any new idea that comes to them, and this is because most people tend to judge new ideas by the established systems of thought and belief which they’ve set up as some kind of ultimate authority.

Anytime a new idea is presented to most people, they instantly compare that idea to their thought and belief systems, and if the idea does not validate those systems, or if it challenges it, then they immediately shift into thinking that they have a watertight argument for rejecting the new idea. If these people could only discern the spirits (religious and otherwise) that are involved in this process, then they’d surely do whatever they could to get free from the negative, growth stunting influence of these beings.

Beloved, new ideas always come from outside of existing thought and belief systems, from dimensions of the spirit world where perspectives are different and where messages have the potential to set human beings free from the struggle and conflict that they’ve been involved in for thousands and thousands of years. If we are willing to be honest, we will have to recognize that the thought systems that exist on planet earth have not been able to bring peace and harmony into this world – they have not been able to end the epic struggle, in fact, they have reinforced it.

So, if there is to be an end to the struggle, this can come about only when people begin to accept ideas that come from outside of the mental boxes that are defined by their existing thought systems, and if people continue to use their existing thought systems to reject such ideas rather than having hearts “as little children,” then they won’t be set free, there won’t be much change on the earth and the peace that most people so long for simply will not come.

This leads me to say something about words, that it is the spirit and vibration of a word that is more important than the literal meaning of it, and this is because words have different meanings to different people. Just look at any religious scripture and you’ll find people who adhere to the belief that it was given by some ultimate authority and that in its most literal and obvious form it has some kind of superior, inarguable status. Thing is; different groups of people have taken the very same words and have interpreted them very differently, them giving the very same words entirely different meanings. My gosh, even in the Christian church today you can see groups of people who are going to war with one another other in their hearts because of thought and belief systems that are based upon the very same words. With this in mind, consider here that it is possible to interpret words so that they validate ANY viewpoint or belief that you want, and that if you are willing to use words selectively, you can prove almost anything you want, and this is a HUGE reason why very many people are in conflict.

And, of course, all of this is why we have “the Mind of Christ” available to us, so that we can interpret anything and everything by way of THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of the upper dimensions of the spirit world, that “worshipping the Father in Spirit and Truth” thing that Jesus talked about.