Illuminating Hell

This is an article that I shared quite a while ago, but because of a recent discussion with a brother along the lines of this, I feel led to pass this along again. As this brother shared with me, there is lots and lots of work to be done in the 4th dimension. — D

The Spirit has been revealing much about the spirit realm, and for now I feel to say that there are forces which are invisible to the human eye, and incomprehensible to most thinking men, which constantly influence your life. Some of this influence is from disturbed beings in the spirit realm that lack peace and enlightenment, and they are drawn towards you by your bad thoughts, low passions, bad habits and vices. This is saying, beloved, that your negative behavior attracts to you spiritual beings who seek to dwell in impure vessels since they themselves have not been purified. These are beings without a physical body who, in their confusion, seek the body of others in order to express themselves.

Due to their disturbed state and their negative influence, the only thing that these beings usually achieve when they approach and attach themselves to others is to make them ill, confuse them mentally, disrupt their peace and lead them down a path of corruption. A man or a woman who leads a sinful life is capable of having thousands upon thousands of beings in darkness following them around, and these disturbed spirits will leave a trail of negative or evil influence all along along this person’s path.

For those of us who are willing to walk in union with God by way of the Cross, the veil between this and other dimensions is thinning and discernment of what is going on all around us is becoming much more apparent. This is so that we can be more effective in freeing ourselves and others from the negative influences that contaminate our world, but there is more…

Erroneous Christian mindsets have led many of us to believe that these negative influences are all demons. They are not. These are often spirits of discarnate people who weep in great anguish and who are trying to find rest but find none, but who will also eventually receive help from the Lord through His Body. This is saying that as the Lord went in spirit to minister to spirits who were chained in darkness when His body was in the tomb, so also shall we give light to spirits in darkness and free them from their bondage when we are dead to self and fully given in heart for the benefit of others. In Jesus is revealed the gifts and powers of love which everyone possesses, beloved, but which is most often locked away in selfishness.

The gist of what I’m saying here is that those beings whom many of you often refer to as the devil or demons are often the imperfect or disturbed spirits of people whom the Father wisely utilizes to carry out His higher level plans and designs, but who will eventually be saved by the power Christ’s wisdom, mercy and love. Many people have wrongly imagined these beings held in darkness as monsters, rather than seeing them as lost and imperfect creatures (people) whom the Lord will save, even through us.

Beloved, discarnate (no longer carnal, fleshed-out) spirits in various conditions often approach you seeking charity, but when they discover that the door to your heart is closed, or that you are not prepared to help them, they depart from you, but they also can impart to you a state of mental stress caused by their influence of suffering and restlessness. Until now most of us have not known how to offer these disturbed and remorseful beings true enlightenment, this largely because we have lacked in the knowledge and the insight and the discernment which enables our charity to be effective. This is changing though.

God’s Kingdom must come to all spiritual dimensions, beloved, and for this reason our influence is not only on earth but also in the heavenly and hellish realms as well. With this in mind, if you would like to help your spiritual brethren in other dimensions and at the same time free yourself from their bad influences, then you need to pray with compassion and much mercy, and with elevated thoughts for all. If you feel that there are beings manifesting themselves in your life in some form, provide these with good examples and good works so that their spirit may receive light from you. Let these observers see you healing those who are ill and forgiving those who have offended you. Allow them to perceive noble and holy ideas illuminating your mind and kind words being spoken from your mouth. Let them see you walking in the way of the cross, beloved, giving yourself unconditionally for others.

I’m writing this with the hope that you will become more aware of the unknown world that is all around us, even that which is largely made up of confused and distressed spirits who retain the belief that they are continuing on within the material world, and who persist in wanting to live as they did when they were human beings. These are this way because of the profound and very intense impression left by their flesh in their spirit when these people were alive, this due to these folks living submerged in materialism and in the passions of the fallen life. In the past I’ve been instrumental in helping some of these people to get free, to move on. I sense that there is much more of this kind of work in store for some of us.

In closing this I’ll simply say that evil is overcome by good, and darkness is overcome by light. With this in mind, when beings come near to you to test your strength and the doctrine that you practice, ILLUMINATE THEM with the light of your love and your charity for people. You might also want to keep in mind that when converted and released, these spirits are likely to become part of a heavenly barrier that will protect you, part of your God ordained shield, even in certain ways your defenders and friends in your human existence. And when your spirit crosses the threshold into “the Great Beyond,” you will find yourself followed and blessed by those legions of spirits who will receive you with love and with peace, and your spirit will be surprised contemplating them so full of light, the light that you were able to help give them.

With regard to this last statement; this is about making friends in heavenly places. This is NOT implying that we are to look to these spirits for protection, but rather, it is describing the MINISTRY OF THESE TO US as part of the Body of Christ on the other side of the veil. Also, our ministry TO THESE often goes unnoticed by us, but at times it has to do with discerning a spirit’s spiritual condition and then speaking a word into the spirit realm BY THE SPIRIT which sets them free. Sometimes this is nothing more than “Be ye reconciled to God!” Sometimes there is more to it. I have some testimonies that I could share with you. Perhaps I’ll share some later.