If (our co-operation)

Beloved, as you probably know, the victorious saints (or “overcomers”) are they who shall INHERIT the Kingdom that has been prepared for them from the creation of the world, and this to bring justice, deliverance, guidance, blessing, eternal life, and the Presence of God to the nations. We should also be aware, beloved, that before these saints receive of this glorious inheritance, each one of them must be tested rigorously in the area of their stern obedience to the Father.

This means that most all of our experiences (no matter how sublime or mundane) are being used in this testing, my friends. Think about this the next time that you go to the store, or wash the car, or preach a sermon, whatever. Even Jesus was tested unto proven perfection in His obedience to the Father during His sojourn in this world, and in like manner WE MUST BE ALSO.

Once proven, all authority in Heaven and on the earth was given to Jesus, even the SPIRIT WITHOUT MEASURE. We too, beloved ones, shall inherit ALL THINGS right along with Him, IF, we are willing to love not our lives unto death, and in that way PROVE our obedience to the Father IN ALL THINGS, and thereby also PROVE our worthiness to INHERIT the Father’s Kingdom.

Please keep in mind that there is a difference between SEEING, ENTERING, and INHERITING the Kingdom. Bless you.