Homeless Ministry?

A sister recently sent out a prayer request for me (something that I am very grateful for, BTW) as I was heading off alone for some ministry work in NYC. She stated in this request that I was going to NYC “to minister to the homeless there,” and I feel now to say something just briefly about this “homeless ministry” thing.

Though I and some of those who travel with me are often used by the Father to minister to “the homeless” in our cities, that is but a very small part of the work that we are involved in. It seems, for the most part, that when we are “sent out” we are simply sent to God’s sons in the making, and people who desperately need to hear (or need a touch) from God. These people can range from trial lawyers, doctors, and college professors, to junkies and homeless people out on the streets. These are all God’s children, and we love them ALL, and minister to them ALL … just as the Father leads us.

I feel that I need to address this (this “homeless ministry” thing) here, as some people tend to think that we have some sort of “special calling” to minister to homeless people. That is just not true. The truth is that we are called to minister to anyone and everyone as the Father leads us (just as you are), and this can (and often does) include ministry to the most hurting of people.