Holy Thing

This should help some people to better understand the BIRTHING of the “Manchild” of Revelation 12. – D

Something that a lot of Christians fail to understand these days is that the phrase “born again” is a mistranslation of the Greek “gennethe anothen,” which actually means “to beget, to conceive, or to impregnate.” Our new creation man is the result of an impregnation by the Holy Spirit by the seed of Truth. Unbelievers have only one nature within them — that of the old Adam. But those who have been impregnated by Truth by the power of the Holy Spirit have TWO natures within them — the old Adam who is dying daily yet who continues to fight for control of one’s life and mind, and the new man (Christ in you and me) who is alive, immortal, and perfect! Like Jesus, this “new man” has an earthly mother and a HEAVENLY Father – therefore HE CANNOT SIN. John the Beloved wrote about this in this way …

“No one who has been begotten of God practices sin; because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin because he has been begotten by God.” (The Emphatic Diaglott)

John here writes of something that Paul also wrote about as a great “Mystery” which is Christ in you and Christ in me, the hope of our glory (Col. 1:26, 27). That “Christ” is the NEW CREATION MAN in you and me; the seed of Truth; the Christ Life that has been planted in the womb of our souls. Mary is the picture type for all of this.

Yes, Mary was earthly, descended from natural Adam, but the Holy Spirit provided the seed from HEAVEN which resulted in the birthing of Jesus Christ – the Son of God AND the Son of Man. Now, by that same process which brought forth the Christ from Mary, so WE TOO are being turned into ANOTHER MAN with an entirely NEW identity – A NEW CREATION MAN! This means that the real YOU and the real ME is no longer the person of our natural birth but rather IS CHRIST in you and me! This is the one who John wrote about in the above verse, and the one who Paul identified with in Romans 7 — the one who “cannot sin” because HE is BEGOTTEN by God.

Beloved, just how glorious is it that WE are now growing into a NEW PERSON who knows NO SIN and even knows NO DEATH? This is that HOLY THING that is to be brought forth from the pregnant church. This is the corporate SON; the MANCHILD for which even all of creation is groaning for like a woman in travail because THIS IS God’s chosen means for all of creation’s deliverance!

Wow … whatta plan, eh?

May you and I be encouraged by all of this, as we continue on in nurturing and nourishing that HOLY THING that is within us!