I feel to share something very briefly here about holiness…

Beloved, when we are asked to be holy as God is holy, we are asked to simply invite God into all that we think and do. Holiness cannot be legislated, as it is a matter of BEING LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, and that comes only by way of intimate relationship with the Father.

This is saying, beloved, that if God is IN what you are doing, in that HE IS THE ONE who is leading you to do what you are doing, then what you are doing IS HOLY. If though, what you are doing is motivated by SELF, or is motivated by a spirit OTHER than THE HOLY SPIRIT, then what you are doing is UNHOLY. It is just that simple.

The scripture verse about the Sons of God being LED by the Spirit of God comes to mind here. These Sons will surely be holy as God is holy, because these Sons, in and of THEMSELVES, will do nothing.