Hey! Let go of the branch!

I know that much of what I share can seem strange to people – especially to Christians in which life has become a set of INSURANCE POLICIES – they’ve got their “fire insurance” and they’ve got their doctrines which make them feel “safe,” but it’s all a sort of CIRCLING OF THE WAGONS around what they think they know and can control, isn’t it – even a branch to hold onto ON THE BANK of the River of Life, which they grip onto so strongly and desperately because SURRENDERING TO THE RIVER seems so frightening to them – just too unpredictable.

Beloved, THE RIVER OF LIFE is always FLOWING, always moving, and everything in it is CONSTANTLY moving too – constantly transcending itself – becoming MORE. But many “spiritual seekers” today are clinging to their false sense of security which comes from STANDING STILL in what they think they know – from holding onto a “safe and sound” branch on the River bank which is really only keeping them from KNOWING THE REALITY OF LIFE.

In order to move on and grow, these “seekers” need to EMBRACE THE PROCESS OF THE RIVER and start ENJOYING THE JOURNEY instead of them nervously obsessing about what might happen to them if they actually LET GO OF THE BRANCH. Then they will realize that flowing with the river is SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE AND PEACEFUL than is fighting that which is only intended to carry them to THE FULLNESS OF LIFE.

Beloved, once you RELEASE YOUR GRIP on whatever it is that keeps you from being fully in the River’s flow, then you will learn how to ENJOY watching the River’s journey UNFOLD all around and within you – being free from all fear and concern, and you will know what it is like to be ONE WITH THE RIVER OF LIFE and ONE WITH THE CREATOR as He dances with you in the dance of your self-transcendence.