Heavenly Hug

This is a testimony from Toronto (2008). I’ve been recently reminded of this, and other things that have happened in Toronto over the years, as I don’t expect to be returning there. I was there just a week ago, and Canadian Border/Immigration made it pretty clear to me that I am not welcome there. When traveling to Canada, I am continually dragged into the Canadian Border/Immigration Office and interrogated because they have now “red-flagged” my passport. There in the office I’m treated like a criminal by the officers because of the work that I do (them apparently threatened by it because I’m not affiliated with any particular religious institution), and because of the way that I live (largely untied from the world and its ways). I don’ t know about you, beloved, but I’m definitely feeling more and more like a “stranger and alien in this world” which calls good evil and evil good, and which substitutes darkness for light and light for darkness. — D

(the testimony)

Just before Rick and I left the city to come home to Rochester, we met a beautiful young girl whose name is Crystal. Crystal was sitting at the curb on a street corner in Chinatown when we met her, and she was holding before her a sign that said; “Can you please help me? I’ve made a big mistake and I need to go home!”

When I saw Crystal, I immediately felt drawn to her, so I walked over to her, gave her a bit of money and said “What’s going on?”

Crystal then (with tears in her eyes) commenced on telling us of her plunge into heroin abuse and prostitution. I knew that she sensed the Lord’s presence in us, and because of this she knew that she could be honest and open with us.

She then went on to tell us of all that she had been through in the past few months. She even showed us the scars on her arms where she had repeatedly cut herself time and time and time again in some sort of demonic frenzy. Crystal had recently come to know the Lord, though, and the Lord had recently delivered her from many of the things that had afflicted and bound her, but now, Crystal needed to go home. Crystal wanted now more than ever to just go home to her family in Ottawa. But she didn’t have what she needed to buy the bus ticket. To Rick and I, this was “a no-brainer.”

Rick then reached into his pocket and pulled out what was needed to buy Crystal the bus ticket. He then gave the money to Crystal, and to say the least, she was deeply touched. The three of us then (teary-eyed) prayed and shared on that street corner for quite a while as the Holy Spirit moved upon us. That street corner had become to us an altar unto the Lord, and we all sensed that a sweet fragrant incense was rising to God from there. The three of us together were lost in prayer and worship of the Lord there for quite some time, though a frenzy of people milled about us, even some people filled with unclean spirits who couldn’t help but mock us and blaspheme the name of the Lord.

Anyway, when we sensed that it was time for us all to depart from there and go our separate ways, I said to Crystal, “Can I have a hug?” She then started to cry again and she said, “I was just going to ask you for a hug. I really need one. I need a fatherly hug, something that I can take back with me to Ottawa.”

Well, I gotta tell ya, beloved, that hug was the most anointed and blessed hug that I have ever experienced in all my life! I kid you not! There was no doubt that Crystal was a prodigal daughter who was now going home, and the Father somehow wanted to express His unconditional love, deep compassion, and total acceptance for her IN A HUG!

Yes. In the time that we had to share with this young girl on that street corner it was made clear to us all that the Father had put out the best of robes for Crystal. A signet ring was being set out for her, too. Shoes were being put out for her feet, and even a fatted calf was being killed (in the spirit) for a great and wonderful celebration! There was surely a party going on in heaven, for though Crystal was once dead, she now was alive! Though she was once lost, she now was found!

Crystal then said to me, “David, I once gave all that I have to a life of sex and drugs and all sorts of corruption. I’m going to give all that I have to God now that He might use me. I want to help young people, ya know, people who have gone through what I have gone through.”

I then felt led to whisper in Crystal’s ear, “You have a high calling, beloved sister. The ones who are forgiven much, love much. Go home. Humble yourself, and submit to those in authority as the Lord leads you. God is preparing you to be used mightily for His Kingdom.”

She then whispered back into my ear and said, “I know.”