Healthy Fear

Let all the earth fear the Lord, and let all the inhabitants of the world be in awe of him.” (Psalm 33:8)

Beloved, the Father deserves our reverent worship and our intimate fellowship. There is no contradiction between these things. He is Holy, Almighty, and is AWESOME, and this is certainly a good reason to revere Him. His goodness, loving-kindness, mercy and forgiveness towards us are also reasons to “fear” Him though.

To help bring a little more clarity to this subject, let me state here that the word translated as “fear” above (and in the beginning of Isaiah 11) is the Hebrew word yirah which denotes piety, reverence, and lovingly inspired awe. This is much different from the Hebrew word pachad which bespeaks of dread and of terror in heart.

A point that I feel to make here is that accounts like that of Uzzah in the OT and of Ananias and Sapphira in the NT can cause one of these two “fears” to arise in men’s hearts, this entirely dependent upon the relationship that one has with the Father and the understanding that one has of His ways. I guess that we could even say that pachad can be turned to yirah, once one is able to see beyond natural circumstances into very heart of the Father in a matter.

Gosh… why am I writing about this now? I really don’t know, other than because the Spirit is leading me to do so and has carved something about this truth on my heart just recently. I sense by the Spirit that it is important for us to understand the seriousness of the times that we are in, and also understand that the bar is now being raised for us with respect to flippancy of heart and behavior which is disrespectful to our Father.

Our Father is going to be instilling within many of us yirah on a very high level, beloved, and He wants us to know that this DOES NOT CONFLICT with intimate communion with Him, IT BRINGS US DEEPER INTO COMMUNION WITH HIM! Proper respect and awe for Him and His ways is not only possible without perceiving Him as a cold and distant Deity, it shall be required of us, beloved, – those of us who desire to go to the next level, that is.

As always, ask Him if what I share is so.

Bless you.