Good Works

I shared earlier that “good works” are an indicator of Christ’s Life at work in a believer. This means that they are not something that we can just go out and do, but rather, they are a part (and an expression) of who we are. Good works are evidence of Salvation Life, beloved.

So, if we are not regularly manifesting good works with our life and our walk, then it is most likely that we do not need to work more or harder at doing good things, but rather, we need more of Christ’s Life, and we get that by denying ourselves and living for God and others. The works will just happen if we live in this way.

James, a first century disciple of the Lord, hit on all of this pretty hard in his day (something that I’m not going to do here). He wrote about those who claimed to have faith but who had not the evidence of REAL LIFE – which is good works (lives laid down for others). James then called faith without good works “DEAD” (ouch!). He called it “unprofitable” (ouch!). He then went so far as to compare it to the faith of DEMONS who “believe” in God and tremble! (My, oh my! James!)

Man, oh man. I can just imagine the e-wrath that would come my way if I wrote that sort of stuff!

My point here, beloved, is that if you or I are not manifesting regular good works in our lives, then we had better check our backs to see if there is really a cross there. That’s all.

I really think that this is what James was getting at. Don’t get mad at him.