Going Through “The Open Door”

Personally, I feel as though I’m entering into fellowship in the sufferings of Christ in a new way, in that I have vision to see great potential for men and for the earth, but I also feel as though I’m often up against an immoveable wall when I share with others about this potential.

I feel Christ’s heart deeply now when I encounter the closed-minded – a deep inner sadness that is mingled with Christ’s compassion. There is almost an indescribable pain which comes with knowing that people could be set free of so many things by just changing their minds (by just being willing to adjust their perspective), and yet also seeing (and feeling deep within) that most men (especially the religious ones) don’t want to even consider that they need to change their minds/perspective.

Beloved, this world shall not be changed by people trying to be like Jesus, and it sure won’t be changed by a giant Jesus coming in the sky. This world shall be changed by people PUTTING ON THE MIND OF CHRIST – by people coming into A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS whereby they can MANIFEST CHRIST in the earth as Jesus did. This IS “the second coming of Christ.”

This means that the “Kingdom Age” (which so many people today look forward to) will come about in NO OTHER WAY than through A CHANGE IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Men have the freedom to choose their way, and this freedom must be honored. Most men choose “the broad way” which keeps them bound in death consciousness. There are some people though who are now choosing THE WAY OF ASCENSION out from death consciousness, and this by choosing to look at things (and continually look at things) from another (even higher) perspective.

Beloved, CHOOSE THIS WAY, for it is none other than the way of “the resurrection out from the dead (mind)” and of ASCENSION unto the full mind of Christ. This is NOT the way of those who sit around waiting for “that day” when they will change the world as “manifest sons,” or even the way of those who try to do that (change the world) in their own strength. No. This is the way of those who shall ACTUALLY CHANGE THE WORLD because they have walked THE INNER PATH of their hearts through A HEAVENLY DOOR and have LAID HOLD OF their God given ability to change the world by manifesting Christ.

“See (says the Ascended Lord), I have placed before you AN OPEN DOOR that no one can shut.”

This “open door” is the way into THE CHRIST MIND, Beloved, and you go THROUGH THIS DOOR by journeying through YOUR OWN HEART, and by co-operatively bringing everything there that is out of alignment with Christ.. into alignment.