Go To 33rd Street!

I’m sharing these things, not that they are great and exciting exploits of men, but simply because they bear witness to a walk in the spirit with God, where HE then meets with people (through men), just as HE sees fit … — D

In regard to the recent trip to NY, the Lord did lead us to a number of homeless people on this trip. Some of these were helped by buying them food. Others we helped with money. ALL were helped and encouraged by the word of the Lord and with prayer. I’m finding these days that no matter how dire and seemingly hopeless the situation, the Father ALWAYS has a word that brings hope and purpose to people. This seems to be a big part of our ministry these days, being conduits through which prophetic hope-filled purpose-filled words can flow.

Now, I’m not going to mention all those who we met on this trip here, but there is one man in particular who I am going to ask you to pray for, his name is Gary.

On the morning of the day that Rob and I were to leave NYC for home, we were out on the streets by 4 am praying, lifting up people (mostly sleeping homeless people) before the Throne of Grace. It can be heartbreaking (and even a little bit overwhelming) when you come across whole communities of homeless people, and that is what Rob and I were encountering that morning (this is often what one encounters when walking the streets of NY at this time of the morning).

Anyway, we prayed and we walked, and we prayed and we walked, and we finally reached our destination which was the Amtrak Train Station near 34th St. It was about 6 am. We then sought the Lord so that we might discern what train to take home, and the Spirit bore witness that we were to take the 7:45 train as we still had something that we had to do. When I asked the Lord just what that “something” was, He simply said, “Go to 33rd St!”

So … we went directly to 33rd St. where we came across about 50 or 60 homeless men who were congregating in front of a Franciscan Friar’s Mission House for breakfast. The interesting thing was, though we walked right through the midst of all of these men, we received no direction from the Lord to minister to any of them! Rather, the burden of the Lord was for us just to pray, and when we did that, Rob received immediately by the Spirit that the Father’s desire was for a man from among the homeless to be raised up to minister to these men. It was not for us to minister to these men that morning, but God had someone else in mind for the job. Then by the Spirit, I received direction to go to McDonald’s.

Now we weren’t hungry, nor had we any other purpose for going to McDonald’s other than just obeying the word of the Lord. There was one just around the corner from us, so we obeyed, and we went.

When we got to the McDonald’s, the Spirit led us to the upstairs part of the restaurant where way in the back corner we saw what looked to be another homeless man, someone who looked to be not much beyond 40 years in age. I went right over to this man and introduced myself. I said “Hi, I’m David.” He said, ” Hi, I’m Gary,” and then a very sweet smile broke out across his face.

It turns out that Gary is a strong believer in Christ; raised as a devout Baptist in Indiana, and somehow, someway, now is alone and homeless in NYC wondering why the Lord would allow him to suffer in this way. Gary is still filled with peace and with joy in the Lord though. Now I’m going to spare you from all of the details of our meeting with Gary, but let’s just say here that a strong prophetic hope-filled purpose-filled word flowed to him directly from the Father. Gary was the man that the Father asked us to pray for, the one to be raised up “from among the homeless” to minister to the homeless in NYC!

When the time was drawing close for our departure, Gary said to us, “Do you want me to go now, to preach a word to the people?” He was dead serious. We just chuckled at what God was doing, and said to Gary, “God bless you, man. God will certainly lead you in that way, for you are called and commissioned by the Father to do just that. Godspeed, man! We have to catch a train now. We love you, and we WILL be praying for you!”

The Spirit then led us to leave Gary with some money so that he could buy a bible (he’s an avid reader, by the way). We also gave him a fresh shirt to wear, for it seemed appropriate for Gary to have at least that … on this day … the day of his ordination.

Please pray for this precious brother, will you? — D