Giving God’s Way

I feel to say here that our commission from God is to be sent (and spent) for others. The Lord said, “As the Father has sent Me. so I also send you.” This (note), beloved, is all about that …

Dear friends, think about this for a moment: The Lord and Master of all willingly became a servant and a sacrifice for all men that all men might be raised up in the newness of life. We too are to give ourselves to just such a life and ministry, for it is through just such a ministry that God desires to reveal His love to all of mankind.

Beloved, this that I share here has to do with THE HEARTS AND THE MINISTRY WORK OF TRUE SONS. This is about hearts that do not rejoice in the obtaining and the retaining of “eternal life,” spiritual gifts, and blessings from God as much as they rejoice in the obtaining of LIFE in order that THAT LIFE might be POURED OUT TO PEOPLE.

Dear ones, let me put it this way: We are to desire LIFE so that we have life to give out to people. We are to desire blessings from God so that we can have the ability to bless people. We are to seek after the things of the Spirit so that we might be able to impart what is needed to the groaning creation.

What I am describing here, beloved, are lives of giving, of service, and of very great sacrifice. These are lives where possessiveness plays no part, but because of the possession of true LOVE and LIFE, the needs of others are ever put before our own.

This is a Christmas message, by the way. It’s a message about “giving” … giving God’s way.