Getting Better Connected

I can’t help but to keep reflecting these days on the Spirit’s exhortation to “get back to old ways and ancient paths.” People in this country (and around the world) are degrading physically (and spiritually) for a number of reasons, another one of these being the artificial environments in their homes which they constantly subject themselves to.

Some recent scientific reports show how lack of fresh and moist air in our homes and the constant breathing of chemical off-gassing from manmade  things in our homes is greatly contributing to man’s degeneration into disease. One recent article shows how AC removes water i.e. humidity from indoor air and robs moisture from the outer layer of the epidermis of our skin, and that this constant loss of water and lack of replacement of it is causing an overall degradation of our tissues.

Warm moist air on our skin even effects the blood-flow in our capillaries, beloved, and lack of it not only causes us to develop creases and wrinkles in our skin, but it hastens the aging process in our bodies. In other words, try to get as much fresh air into your home as possible. Frankly, I really think that we need to appreciate what God gives us day to day rather than us trying to control (or “condition”) everything as we’ve been taught (by man) to do. God is faithful to give us what we need, but we tend to think that we know better. The truth is, we just keep screwing things up. Look at the world today – evidence for this is everywhere.

On a slightly different but related note, I feel compelled to make it a point these days to be barefoot (outdoors) as much as possible, even getting grounded and connected with the earth. I know that this is good to do as it discharges the harmful electro-magnetic energy that we pick up from the manmade electronic things that we are subject to almost constantly, but not only that…

The other day I took a drive to the beach, and leaving my shoes in the car, I went for a barefoot walk and was TOTALLY FASCINATED by the sensory input that I was receiving through my feet as I crossed the road, a grassy field, a gravel path and then walked onto the beach. I not only felt more deeply pulled into the moment as my feet discerned the constant change in texture, temperature, and even vibration of the ground, but I even felt more deeply connected to Spirit. I can’t explain to you why this is. I couldn’t help but think then of how detached we’ve become from the earth; about how in today’s modern society we rarely put to use the fabulous receptors in our feet which God has given us so that we might walk deeply “connected” and in harmony with nature. These days our feet are more in tune with Nike or New Balance or Clark’s and not with God’s beautiful Creation, and we and the Creation suffer in certain ways because of this.

I remember praying to the Father a while ago to be more “connected” and “in harmony” with His Creation. It appears that what I’m writing about here is related to His response to this prayer.

Just sharing, for whatever it may be worth to you.