Fully Knowing

Beloved, though what I have shared recently is only “in part,” may it provoke us all to continually be in a posture of spiritual-mindedness that we may reach this high Mark in God of which I have been writing. Most all that the Lord has had me write about lately seems to indicate quite plainly that the Lord wants to awaken His Bride to all that must be accomplished by her before there can be a Marriage.

With regard to this, I believe with all of my heart that we can live as crucified to the world, and the world to us, so that it is not us who lives, but rather, it is Christ Jesus living in and through us. I also believe that unless we attain to just such a place in God, we will not be allowed to ENTER INTO the New Jerusalem, that Holy City which IS the Bride fully adorned and fully prepared for her Lover and her Bridegroom.

Beloved friends, I have shared some things with you recently about the New Jerusalem, and I hope to share some things soon about the “saints in light” who dwell there, but for now I feel only to say that even those who have attained to the New Jerusalem state will NOT be made perfect (in body, soul, and spirit) until the CORPORATE PERFECTING of the Body of Christ.

I also feel to say here that this corporate perfecting will not happen until AFTER the Lord has fully prepared His Body ON BOTH SIDES OF THE VEIL.Then there will come forth ONE GLORIFIED FULLY-RESURRECTED BODY. This seems to me to be the Plan.

Anyway, I have tried and tried to entertain thoughts of a remnant coming into FULL perfection apart from the rest of mankind, but that, for some reason, does not gel with my spirit. I’m open to listen to just about anything that anyone has to say on this subject, but when all is said and done, I have to stay true to my spirit, in that I fully trust the Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me into the FULLNESS OF KNOWING, even guide me into the FULLNESS OF THE RESURRECTION, which (in a sense) is a return to the true knowledge of God, is it not?

What I mean by that is that resurrection is not merely the process of reviving or transfiguring the physical body, soul, and spirit, though God will surely consummate His administration by raising up completely ONE NEW CORPORATE MAN who is both earthly and heavenly. What I mean is that we should be careful in this day not to overly focus on a future day when we will be glorified, for the power that shall accomplish that is the very power of Him, who said “I AM the resurrection.” This is saying, beloved, that our focus ought to be upon the INDWELLING OF RESURRECTION HIMSELF, for the whole of this “Christian life” is the outworking of THE INDWELLING LIFE OF THE LORD WHO IS THE RESURRECTION!

I have shared in the very recent past that salvation (for the most part) IS A RETURN of many spirits to One Spirit, that our God and Father is SPIRIT and is the Father of many spirits who are all (one by one) coming back INTO Him. This is saying that out of One has come many but that the “many” shall also again become One. This will happen when God has finished defragmenting all that has been fragmented in Adam.

Surely, there are many spirits that are alienated from God and are being used in the alienation of others. Sure there are those that are hostile and are helping only to produce more hostility toward God and others. But that does not mean that those spirits will not eventually become part of THE ONE NEW MAN.

The scriptures reveal that ALL THINGS shall be made subject to God once again, and when ALL THINGS are subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also will be subjected to the One who subjected all things to Him, and then God may be ALL IN ALL.

That “ALL in ALL” is PERFECTION, my beloved brethren. That is when we ALL shall FULLY KNOW, even as we are FULLY KNOWN.

I think that I’ll end this here by simply blessing all of you on your RETURN JOURNEY HOME to the Father. God is now making known many mysteries which pertain to the Body, and to the Resurrection, and to this Journey Home. I sure hope that you are among those who are taking all of this very seriously.

God bless you.