Fully in Christ

Some people may think that I’m sharing an elitist message.The truth though, is that those who manifest Christ must cross a very subtle threshold in their own minds where they realize that although they have raised their state of consciousness beyond the level of the average person, it is not their purpose to be seen as an idol BY ANYONE. Their true purpose is simply to INSPIRE others to do what they have done – TO RAISE THEM UP, and to be of no recognition.

This leads me to touch on something else, a crucial turning point on the path for many people, and it is this…

There are quite a few people on this planet today who have have attained some spiritual insight, even some openness to the flow of the Spirit through them and they now must face a subtle choice. This is whether or not they will use what they have attained to try to set themselves up and gain a position, or fame, or respect, or recognition – or will they become COMPLETELY SELFLESS in their service to life? Will they attempt to use the flow of the Presence to reinforce the spiritualized ego that they have created for themselves, or will they be willing to let that ego DIE COMPLETELY so that they can become the COMPLETELY OPEN DOOR for others to enter into Christ?

Thing is; the Christ cannot be fully manifested in someone who desires to bring ANY attention to themselves whatsoever, for that is a vibration of Being which resonates with the lower dimensions of the spirit world, and is something that is not welcomed into the realms of those who are FULLY in Christ.