Fully Given to the Narrow Way

Beloved, the Holy Spirit will not flow (like a river) through anyone who is not given wholly to SELF TRANSCENDENCE and to DYING DAILY to everything that limits the FREE-FLOW of the Spirit.

That said, I think that for those of us who are willing to be FULLY ENGAGED with the salvation process and FULLY GIVEN to the Spirit without reservations, that we’re on our way (and perhaps are even close) to that place where we cannot be disturbed BY ANYTHING – to where other people’s reactions or thoughts do not IN ANY WAY disturb our peace – to where we can be in front of the world and receive the condemnation of the world and yet our vibration IS NOT lowered. I think that we’re on our way to where scorn and ridicule and persecution can be endured by us to the extent that total NON-ATTACHMENT to the things of this world is clearly DEMONSTRATED by us, to where all fear has been OVERCOME and NOTHING can be sent our way that will touch the INFINITE PEACE that the Holy Spirit has put in our hearts.

Of course, this is all about THE WAY AND LIFE OF CHRIST and about WITNESSES who demonstrate that Way and LIfe in this world (and others) because they loved not THEIR CARNAL LIFE unto the death of it. Is this an extremely “narrow way” which “few” will tread and who EVEN FEWER will find their way to the glorious end in this lifetime? Yes. It surely is.