Fully Balanced

Beloved, I find it quite interesting to see how this series which started with sharing on the gender completeness of Adam (and our eventual gender completeness) has now come around to a discussion about brideship and sonship. I think that this is because brideship and sonship are about the female and male characteristics of God coming to full maturity in us. Let me put it this way (I’m going to paraphrase something here which was shared by brother Don Godfroy in his commentary on the writings of Jacob Boehme) …

Our brideship role has to do with our “falling in love” with Jesus Christ. It means being truly virginal in our desires toward Him, and walking in a way where we are given to only Him and for His purposes. Brideship means renouncing all schemes and plans and ambitions of the carnal mind. It means to have no other love and no other god before the Lord. It means keeping ourselves for Him alone. Brideship, beloved, is about the bride “making herself ready,” rejoicing in the expectancy of the coming Marriage of the Lamb. Brideship embodies our female role and characteristics in our relationship to God coming to maturity in Christ.

Sonship on the other hand (though complementary to and even inclusive of brideship) is that which embodies the male characteristics of strength, authority, power and dominion. The promises of ruling and reigning in the coming age is given to sons, not the bride. Sonship is about priests and kings wholly devoted to God. These were strictly male offices in Old Testament law. We will only be able to enter into the fullness of such a ministry when we become our Father’s true intention for our maleness. Sonship embodies our male role and characteristics in our relationship to God coming to full maturity in Christ.

Beloved, the whole of creation is groaning in travail for the manifestation of the Sons of God. This is because it longs to be delivered from the curse of sin, corruption and death. This manifestation of Sons will be a demonstration to the world of the fullness of brideship and the fullness of sonship, for sonship is inclusive of brideship. This will surely be a manifestation of the New Creation Man, with all of the characteristics of femininity and masculinity brought into full balance in this Man; gender completeness once again, in a sense.

Bless ya.

* * * * * * * * *

PS …

I just want to add here that in Elohim the male and female natures work in complete harmony to fulfill the will, desires, and pleasure of the Father. In Adam, because of the duality of good and evil, these natures have become fragmented and imbalanced, the feminine soul often acting out of order even as Eve (out of order) partook of the Knowledge Tree.

Ideally, Adam and Eve were not to act independently of one another but were to live and act as “one flesh” in submission to God. Of course, this was not the case. For us, this pictures the imbalance between our feminine soul and our masculine spirit and the effect this has on our relationship with God.

With this in mind, beloved, is it any surprise that the word for “salvation” in the Greek (sozo) means “to be made whole” and this with regard to our spirit, soul, and body? Friends, “salvation” is not about being saved from hell to go to heaven, but is about us being made whole again, us being restored to our rightful position in Elohim where we can fully manifest the Mind of Christ. This salvation, my friends, is even about satisfying our Father’s deep desire to be accurately and fully expressed in humanity (as He was in the Lord Jesus Christ) – even to take that which is eternal, uncreated, and unchanging and have that perfectly displayed in men. This, my dear friends, is the purpose for our creation. Believe it, or not.