From Obed-Edom to Zion

I shared a prophetic word a while back, and I had a check in my spirit about a term that I used in it. It’s sometimes difficult to accurately translate into words the things that we get from the Spirit. Anyway, I’ve made a correction to this word since, and it is in the post that is now on the website. The term “New Agers” has been changed to something else, and this is because the Spirit was not pointing to “New Agers” in general there, but to an elitist/power-hungry group of people in the world today who believe themselves to be God. I’ll tell you why it’s important to point this out…

In 2 Samuel chapter 6 we are shown how David gathered together chosen men of Israel to bring back the Ark of God from the house of Abinidab, this after the Ark was taken back from the Philistines. Great fear set in upon the Israelite camp though when on the road Uzzah was struck dead when trying to “steady the Ark” which was being carried on a cart towed by oxen. The Ark was then placed in the house of Obed-Edom for several months until David was over his fear and was ready to PROPERLY bring the Ark of God to Mt. Zion and set it there in “The Tabernacle of David.”

Now, Obed-Edom was a Gittite who had taken up residence in Judah and who probably was a follower of David (David had many followers among the Gittites). This might explain why David was willing to entrust a foreigner with the custody of the Ark of the Covenant. It was at Nachon’s threshing-floor that David became afraid after Uzzah was was struck dead from touching the Ark. It was there that David decided to carry the Ark aside to Obed-Edom’s house (which apparently was nearby).

As I have shared, the Ark remained there for about three months, and for Obed-Edom and his family this was an occasion of great blessing. David eventually removed the Ark from there and this with great rejoicing. He then set the Ark in the midst of the Tabernacle that he pitched for it IN ZION, the highest place in the city of Jerusalem. This Tabernacle with the Ark in its midst represents the glory of God in the midst of the Church, beloved, glory like has not been seen in a couple thousand years (as seen only in Jesus, probably).

The change in phrasing to the prophetic word that I mentioned earlier is important because what is mentioned there is not so much referring to “New Agers” but to “the powers that be” (if you know what I mean). In other words, the Philistines in this passage of scripture from 2 Samuel can depict the elitists of this world who very powerfully practice and apply to their lives spiritual things (principles which profoundly effect the inner workings of the spirit world) which most Christians today have absolutely no clue about or are utterly afraid of, some of this fear the result of them seeing a carnal Church misuse or wrongly carry some of God’s glory.

With regard to Obed-Edom; “Obed-Edom” in Hebrew means “Worshiper of Edom” or “Servant of Edom.” “Edom” of course, was a descendent of Esau; one who is a type of the flesh. “Edomites” in scripture can thus represent fleshly or worldly characters, or perhaps those who have not yet (knowingly) covenanted with Christ.

Without much more commentary from me about all of this, I’ll simply say here that this can represent many “New Agers” today WHO HAVE BEEN BLESSED for a season with the things that most Christians today are afraid of. This chapter from 2 Samuel also shows us how this blessing is just until THE CHURCH gets their act together, gets over their fear, and takes it all TO ANOTHER LEVEL!

This is all largely about the setting up of the Tabernacle of David on Mt. Zion, beloved. For those of you who don’t know what “raising David’s Tabernacle” means, I’m including a link for you about that here…

Raising David’s Tabernacle

These are exciting times, indeed. Don’t be afraid, beloved. BE WONDERFULLY BLESSED!