Freedom From Death Consciousness

Most of you should be able to realize by now that planet earth is presently at a rather LOW level of its cosmic evolution. This planet has made the considerable sacrifice to serve as a home for people who are still in a rather LOW STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, giving them an opportunity to LIVE OUT that mindset until they have hopefully HAD ENOUGH OF THAT and want more. The hope is that they will one day have had enough of the DEATH CONSCIOUSNESS and will want the LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF CHRIST which is offered to ALL people on earth.

Due to THE LAW OF FREE WILL and the rather low state of consciousness of many of the inhabitants on this planet, plausible deniability must be maintained, in that, God will NOT create some kind of undeniable proof of the Lordship of Jesus Christ nor of the immortality of the spirits of men, but He will always leave a relatively easy way for the unbelieving and rebellious to DENY the validity of the teachings brought forth by the Holy Spirit. Jesus abided by the same law 2,000 years ago when He performed miracles but did not manifest any phenomena that could not be DOUBTED OR DENIED by those in the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of the spirit of anti-christ.

What I’m sharing here will also explain why Jesus’ non-dualistic, mystical teachings and His demonstrations of a human-being walking in PERFECT UNION with the Father could be turned into a rigid, abusive, dictatorial religion, which, for almost 1,700-1800 years now, has been in DIRECT OPPOSITION to His purpose for coming to this planet. Surely, many people have been abused and hurt by the religion which claims to represent Him on earth, but they are all being given the opportunity to be FREE of all pain and fear and doubt which relates to their relationship with Him now, for we live in a day of a rather AWESOME REVEALING of Jesus Christ to men.

Christians and non-Christians worldwide have been given a FALSE IMAGE of Jesus Christ and His mission, and one of the major problems with this is that this has also caused many people to accept a false image of THEM-SELF, an image which greatly limits their LIFE EXPERIENCE and which will prevent them from following THE EXAMPLE set by Jesus as the PATTERN SON. By overcoming that false image which the world and the religions of this world have presented of Jesus and by getting some sense of WHO HE IS and what HE TRULY TEACHES by the Spirit, not only will the remainder these people’s journey on this planet be DEEPLY ENRICHED, but this will also greatly ASSIST THEM in what happens to them when they LEAVE THIS PLANET.

If you consider yourself to be a Christian, beloved, you should know that mainstream Christianity presents a FALSE IMAGE of Christ which cannot take you to the “salvation” that you hope for. The sad truth is that MANY “Christians” wind up in VERY LOW vibrational places in the spirit world upon their discarnation, and this is largely because of THEIR CHOICE to follow the blind leaders of the Christian churches who claimed to be Christ’s representatives but who were not deeply connected to Him in Spirit. Think about this for a moment: Most all of the genuine prophetic revelation that is coming forth now by the Holy Spirit is COMPLETELY shunned by orthodoxy. If you consider yourself a spiritual seeker, then you will want to know that although you do not have to become “a Christian” in order to grow and make your ascension in spirit, you still have to come to KNOW CHRIST by overcoming all of the false images of Him. The Holy Spirit’s true teachings and Jesus Christ’s glorious Sonship example provided for us A CLEAR PICTURE of THE PROCESS that ALL PEOPLE have to go through in order to GRADUATE from Earth’s Schoolroom.

JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OVER ALL, and because of this ALL PEOPLE must eventually establish a relationship with Him in order for them to ascend beyond the most basic dimensions of the Spirit world. Beloved, if you are reading this and you consider yourself to be a non-Christian and perhaps even look upon Christianity with suspicion or with hostility, YOU CAN BENEFIT from knowing that Jesus’ TRUE TEACHINGS are UNIVERSAL and are aimed at helping ALL PEOPLE escape DEATH CONSCIOUSNESS. For lack of a better way of putting this, I’m going to flat-out say here that no matter what your outer religious affiliation or non-affiliation, you still HAVE TO PASS THROUGH THE LORD’S OFFICE in order to become PERMANENTLY FREE from what might be called THE TREADMILL OF 3RD AND 4TH DIMENSION DEATH CONSCIOUSNESS.