Forsaking All (now)

As some of you well know by experience, there are many forces pressing on us, and there are many hurdles and obstacles before each of us now which we must overcome, for this is the hour of our salvation, the time when we must wholeheartedly turn aside from the present world and SEEK THE FACE OF GOD in preparation for our marriage to the Lamb.

The issue of forsaking all to follow the King and Lord is before us, beloved. Another way of putting this is that you and I are being weighed in the balances to see if we will be found wanting or not, found to be willing or unwilling to subject ourselves to the DEEP SEARCHINGS OF THE HEART AND SOUL and the INTENSE BURNINGS OF THE SPIRIT in order to come into the fullness of our inheritance in Christ Jesus.

It seems to me that this all describes the time of our DIVINE APPOINTMENT for the salvation represented to us in the Autumn feasts. Will we keep this appointment? The Lord is APPEARING to those who are looking for Him (WAITING ON HIM), Him coming not as the sin offering to remove the guilt of our sins, but as THE LORD OF ARMIES and SOVEREIGN RULER OF THE HEAVENLY HOST Who is ready to DELIVER US from all power of the adversary.

What this is saying is that our deliverance from sin and rebellion is here NOW, beloved, but that we must CO-OPERATE in the work by giving our undivided attention to it. This is what Hebrews 9:28 is about, by the way…

“So Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for (on) him.”

Keep in mind that “waiting,” as described here, is not about waiting for God to act, but is about actively SERVING HIM, seeking HIS WILL, HIS ORDERS and HIS DESIRES in all that you do. It might help to think about a “waiter” or “server” in a restaurant here.