Food for Thought

A sister has shared how she too has been recognizing how the message doesn’t change but just gets clearer. She also said, “It also just struck me that the Remnant is being given these revelations not to become Elite, but to become priests, ministers to lead the people into this new age. Just like the Jewish nation was supposed to do….but they got sidetracked with ego.”

Along these lines, there are many “Christian” camps today made up of those “called” to lead people into the new age, but these too have gotten “side-tracked,” many people in these camps seemingly overly-enamored by their calling. There have been numerous times like the time when I was in the Tenderloin of San Francisco out on the streets and helping the most hurting of hurting people when at the same time people that I know were holding a “Sonship” conference at a hotel out by the airport. At these times I’ve wondered how these folks could go on, day in and day out, with teachings about their “sonship” but at the same time have no burden for the hurting people who are crying for help and on their very doorstep (the Rich Man and Lazarus comes to mind here). Now, there isn’t anything wrong with conferences necessarily, but when they replace the actual work of loving the lost and helping the hurting and leading people into the kingdom of God, then it seems to me that these things can become just another form of Christian narcissism.

Back to the comment from the sister; she also said, “Streets of gold and huge mansions sound like the empty, luxury of this day–lonely. I’m glad to learn what it really means, which maps with His character so much better!”

I agree. How about you, beloved? Are you still hoping for “a mansion on a street of gold” someday? Sad thing is, if you want that bad enough, you just might get that, in a religious consensus environment in a rather low dimension in the Father’s multidimensional House.

Just some food for thought…