Feeding Upon The Crucified Christ

Beloved, our perfection will not come by way of “the rapture,” or by what many think of as “the second coming of Christ,” but comes by way of AN INTERNAL CATCHING UP to the right hand (authority) of the Father through THE DEATH OF ONE’S SOUL (his or her self-life). Then, that same Spirit which raised Christ up from the dead, can RAISE UP THE NEWLY SUBJECTED SOUL and (along with the spirit) CLOTHE IT WITH A SPIRITUAL BODY FIT FOR ASCENSION. This newly subjected soul is the soul wed to the Lamb, beloved.

Of course, this killing off of one’s soul-life is not something that anyone can do. It is done by FEEDING UPON THE CRUCIFIED CHRIST, which is a partaking of the Lord’s WEAKNESS not His power. I say this because to “partake of His weakness” is to know the Lord in DEATH TO SELF, to know Him in His NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING OF HIMSELF but at the same time Him offering Himself FULLY to the Eternal Spirit (the Father) through Whom ANYTHING could (and can) be done.

Another way of saying this, beloved, is that the way into the FULLNESS OF LIFE comes not by striving to cross all of our t’s and dot all of our i’s, but by US BEING REDUCED to the point of knowing that we have nothing to present to God but our wretchedness and His mercy, and in this way be made willing to FULLY give our SELF up as a sacrifice.

There is an article on this website which is coming to mind, which some of you might want to check out. It should help you to see some of the things that you are going though from a slightly different (and perhaps more rewarding) perspective. You can find it here — Kiss the Son

Bless you.