Feeding People to the Money Machine

Many people today are starting to take care to eat organic foods and use organic cleansers in their homes as much as possible. Many of these folks take vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements galore, and yet they still suffer from rather poor health. Others live with what might be considered marginally good health, but then they come down with cancer or immune disfunction or some other fatal or severely life-altering disease. I’ll share with you here some of the reasons why this is.

Beloved, you may think that the government or people involved in creating the goods that you buy are looking out for you – that they’re trying to make products available to you which are safe for you to use, but the opposite of this is true. In truth, your health is being sacrificed by politicians and businessmen for TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of dollars in profit. We have been sold the illusion that the things that we are buying are safe, when in reality they are FULL of invisible chemicals that (over time) destroy human health.

With regard to the clothing that is being made for us, up until the past 50-100 years clothing has always been made of natural fibers like cotton, flax, wool, and silk, but then synthetics came along, and companies like DuPont started making fabric out of petrochemicals like toluene (used in Nylon) and they started producing “wash-and-wear” fabrics like Polyester developed from xylene and ethylene. Spandex and olefin later came about to become the mainstay of sportswear, swim suits, and thermal underwear among people. Olefin, by the way, is produced by “cracking” petroleum molecules into propylene and ethylene gases. God only knows what all of the long term effects of wearing this is.

In short, beloved, today’s $7 trillion/year clothing industry uses an astounding 8,000 synthetic chemicals to make your clothes, and even the natural fiber products made today now largely contain toxins like formaldehyde, brominated flame retardants, and perfluorinated chemicals (Teflon) in order to provide certain fabric “qualities” which will sell and be highly profitable. Insecticides and fungicides are even being applied to these products all in the name of your “good health.” And the synthetic dyes used to give you all the wonderful colors that you’ve grown to love?.. Well, I’m not going to even to get into that just yet.

With regard to Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), that is now being restricted for use in clothing is most countries, but not in the U.S, and China is literally saturating much of the American clothing in it. So, beware of “Made in China” labels. Even in non-Chinese clothing products the use of formaldehyde is extremely widespread though. Recently there have been lawsuits which have arisen which are alleging high levels of it in women’s bras (you may want to think “breast cancer” here).

The bottom line in all of this, is that for half a century now, people’s skin and body chemicals have been interacting with man’s laboratory created toxins, and this has now created a plethora of diseases and mysterious physical problems for people. The more synthetic and chemically treated natural clothing that you and I wear the greater our risk of absorbing toxic chemicals that harm our health. When toxins are absorbed through our skin (our largest organ) they bypass our liver (the organ responsible for removing toxins) and this can bring our overall toxic burden to the “tipping point” triggering the onset of certain diseases and afflictions. With all of this I think it’s important to realize that while certain individual chemicals might not terribly endanger our health, the synergistic effect of multiple chemicals interacting with us (and in us) over time can have utterly unpredictable and devastating effects.

It should be pretty clear here why natural and organic clothing is becoming popular among the the Awakened today, and why we should support the people and businesses that are involved in making it available. It can still be a challenge to find chemically clean clothing, but it can be found. Mystery Babylon is being judged, beloved, and a large part of this “judgment” is the EXPOSURE of what is really going on behind the scenes in this world, and also the (Spirit) direction of people to go (and live) another way entirely.