Feedback Looping

Let me give you another example of how the Law of Attraction can work negatively with our creative abilities…

When people try to maintain the outer security of the ego, the more they will generate ENERGY IMPULSES that are sent into the cosmic mirror which cause A RETURN of conditions that threaten their sense of security. This then causes these people to generate even MORE POWERFUL impulses of a need for security, and this, of course, then generates an even stronger return of things that cause these people a sense of insecurity, and this type of “arms race” can go on and on and on until the person breaks under the strain of it and realizes that they can no longer do this. Can you see in this how people get caught in feedback loops of their own creation, Beloved?

In sharing things like this though, we can help people to see what’s going on before they break under the strain, but there are some people who have to go through the process of breaking. And when these people realize that they do not have what it takes to counteract the threats to their sense of security (or whatever), they just give up; they surrender. Which is good.

It is good because by generating energy impulses with the intention of counteracting something that is coming at us, we are not accumulating more and more power to fight against what we don’t want, but instead, we are just causing a more powerful impulse to COME AT US in the future. What really needs to happen is that we need to learn how to GO BEYOND trying to accumulate power at a certain level, and we do this by ACCELERATING OUR VIBRATION to a higher level where we no longer feel the lower energies which we generated in the past and which were returned to us as trials by the cosmic mirror.

When you raise your vibration (your thinking and your emotions), Beloved, lower energies will pass right through you – they will be insignificant to you – irrelevant to your life experience, and by learning this and by helping others to understand this, we can help people to realize that there IS security in the sense that we can get above and beyond ANYTHING in our past or present – especially those things that have been perpetually troublesome for us (feedback looping).