The Fall of the Collective Consciousness

This is a follow-up to “A Sister Asked…”. If you haven’t read that message yet, you probably should before reading this, at least the addendum. — D 

As far as I know, the psychologist Carl Jung was the first to speak about a collective consciousness  – a mind shared by all people on earth. Such a collective consciousness is indeed a reality, and we have better foundations for understanding it today than ever. This is because we know (scientifically) that everything is made from energy. It is therefore much easier for us to envision that the human body and mind are made up of energy fields, and on a larger scale, the physical earth is actually a vibrating field of energy too, which seems solid and unchanging to the physical senses because our physical senses are calibrated to detect vibrations only within a certain range, within a certain vibrational spectrum.

Now, consider this…

The story of the Garden of Eden is more than likely A SYMBOL for what happened to humankind’s collective consciousness in the far distant past (if time has anything to do with it). In other words, Adam and Eve were probably not two people in a “garden,” but rather, they are figures (types) for what happened to ALL people on earth when a critical mass of them fell from a high level of collective consciousness, from a level of collective consciousness much higher than you see on this planet today. There probably was an “Eden,” but this too is likely SYMBOLIC for a high state of COLLECTIVE BEING and is not representative of a physical garden in a physical place somewhere.

This “fall,” of course, has had a profound effect on all aspects of life on this planet. I tried to explain why and how “natural disasters” happen as a result of this fall. All of this is not that complicated, really. It may seem odd to many people because of the teaching that they have received (over and over and over again…) which has come from wrongful, linear interpretation of the Bible. Teaching like that BLINDS PEOPLE to the deeper reality of the Christ Mind, which really sucks, because the Christ Mind is the unifying link between the Creator and His creation and it is what UNIFIES all individual self-aware beings.

Just sayin…