Exposing Jezebel

I’ve hoped to get away from this subject, but because of some questions that have been presented to me, I feel that I should offer this; just a few of the characteristics of a person in union with a Jezebel spirit. — D

While not always obvious, such individuals seem to be especially threatened by prophets. Although these people may seem to have prophetic gifts themselves, their aim is to criticize prophetic teaching and exhortation with the hope of diminishing both the prophetic word and the prophet in the sight of others.

These are regularly looking to gain power and position for themselves in the sight of others, and this is often done by putting people down. It is like an adrenalin rush to them when they “win” over people to their way of thinking, and to this end they can be almost vicious in their attempts to point out the weaknesses and shortcomings of other people, especially those people in positions of leadership.

These people are generally very controlling, manipulative  and bossy, but this is not always obvious to those who are close to them as they can seem quite sweet, charming, charismatic and even passive, all the while they break people down emotionally in order to see their will accomplished. These are masters of manipulation and of emotional warfare.

These people are never wrong in their own eyes. So apologies almost never happen. They are also constantly recruiting others to side with them in their charges against their victims as they find this very empowering.

These people tend to have no sympathy whatsoever for their victims, and yet they try real hard to appear to others as being very sensitive and caring. These also (quite strategically) play the victim themselves at times in order to gain sympathy from others and strengthen their position in the sight of others. In this way the real victim is often left stranded and opposed by others while the one in union with Jezebel is brought to the forefront of people’s attention feeling somewhat justified.

These people tend to avoid the truth (especially of suffering and the way of the cross) and they often withhold the truth or twist the truth in order to paint a false picture or perspective of the ways of God or of others who bear witness to His truth and ways.

Also, such as these ALMOST ALWAYS pick passive people (Ahabs) as mates so that they can DOMINATE them. These Ahabs (after they have renounced the Ahab spirit and have repented for tolerating Jezebel) quite often are used by God as the “eunuchs” who CO-OPERATE with Jehu in throwing the Jezebel spirit down. The Jezebel-spirited one needs to learn the meaning of the word “No!” The Jezebel-spirited one needs to learn to BOW TO THE AUTHORITY OF CHRIST, and the way that this is most often done is for Jezebel’s victims to RISE UP in the authority of Christ and STAND in that authority.

I have shared that this is all much more prevalent than most people can even imagine. This spirit pervades and permeates households and businesses and churches in varying ways and degrees today, and the FIRST step in dealing with this wicked thing is EXPOSING IT. Hopefully, this letter might help to do that. — D


Though they like to appear as someone who is very spiritual, discerning and even prophetic, the one in union with Jezebel largely (but not entirely) feeds from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and in this way Divine Wisdom is cut off from them. This spirit also desires to CUT OTHERS OFF from Divine Wisdom, and this is why Jezebel-spirited people are so quick to criticize the prophets and why they try so hard to diminish them and their words in the sight of others. John the Baptist being beheaded by Jezebel-possessed Herodias and Salome is surely a prophetic picture of this – of Jezebel wanting to REMOVE THE PROPHETIC VOICE from the Body (the Church) and this because she/it desires to stop Wisdom from having her way — SONS!