Expanding Our Vision

As most of you know, there was loads of hype and misinformation released about “2012” (that whole Mayan thing). The Mayans were correct in their predictions about this time, it’s just that most people were fed misinformation through the media about what the Mayans actually said (had recorded). Briefly, I’ll tell you what 2012 is really all about, but I’ll do this without getting into what is going on now astronomically or astrologically (though this certainly has a lot to do with it).

2012 (and beyond) was and is largely about THE EXPANSION OF OUR PERCEPTION, beloved, even about the expansion of our perception into other dimensions and realms. It is about our HEIGHTENED MULTIDIMENSIONAL AWARENESS and consciousness, which has a lot to do with our ability to receive REVELATION FROM THE SPIRIT, but not only that. It has a lot to do with us being able to APPLY WHAT WE ARE LEARNING, and in this way, gradually, change the world.

Somewhat of along these lines, I was sharing with my brother Fred (a renown man of science) last week a little bit about the life-changing near death experience that he had quite a few years ago. On the phone, I helped Fred to understand what actually happened during that experience. In brief, when Fred “passed-out” at a medical conference, his consciousness was immediately shifted from his physical body to his spirit-body, and it was then by way of SPIRIT-BODY PERCEPTION that he saw “the light at the end of the tunnel.” I explained to Fred that “the light” that he saw wasn’t “heaven,” but rather it was the light of THE NEXT REALM for which he qualified VIBRATIONALLY, and the tunnel that he saw was the VORTEX OR WORMHOLE through which one can pass through the energetic membrane that separates realms (there is a lot that I could say about these “membranes,” but not now).

Fred told me on the phone that his vital signs had apparently dropped to almost nothing at the time of this experience. I thought (and explained to him) that this too is rather interesting, in that his pineal gland more than likely released large amounts of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) at this time because of the “near death” state of the body, and this release of DMT then caused somewhat of a spontaneous EJECTION of his spirit from his physical body. Scientists have discovered fairly recently that high amounts of DMT is released from the pineal gland at the time of PHYSICAL DEATH. Similar amounts are also be found in INFANTS, apparently, but this is only until the child reaches 6 months old or so. This is very Interesting. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

As a side note; indigenous Amazonian Amerindian cultures consume plant derived DMT in Ayahuasca; a shamanistic brew that is used for divinatory and healing purposes. Pharmacologically, Ayahuasca combines DMT with an enzyme inhibitor that allows DMT to be orally active. These Shamans are basically inducing near death experiences with Ayahuasca, them shifting consciousness from body consciousness to spirit-body consciousness largely for the purpose of seeing into the energetic substructure of things, and this with the hope of healing all sorts of physical, emotional and spiritual maladies.

With this in mind, beloved, and with regard to the infants, it’s been presented to me by the Spirit that by divine design infants are allowed to SEE INTO OTHER DIMENSIONS for a short period of time, and that this is just another way in which our Heavenly Daddy is LOVING AND MERCIFUL AND GRACIOUS to spirits who are making a very difficult adjustment from one world (and body) to another. In other words, when little “baby” is looking at seemingly nothing in the corner of the room and is smiling and cooing, that is quite likely because they are SEEING something beyond man’s natural perception, and are perhaps even interacting with a friend or loved-one from another dimension or realm.

Also for your information (and edification), DMT is not only produced (and released) in the brain at the time of physical death or before the age of 6 months, but it occurs in varying trace amounts in most everyone’s pineal gland, where it is assumed to function as some sort of neurotransmitter/neuromodulator that effects things like dreams and visions, as well as it playing a major part in all extra sensory experiences. For this reason many scientists refer to DMT as “the Spirit Molecule.”

Without getting into the details of this, I will simply say here that the pineal gland can be conditioned to function well, or not so well. In other words, there are things in our food, air and water, and ways of spiritual laziness which work toward the latter, while a pure diet and a life of fasting and prayer and deep mediation works toward a healthy pineal gland which can produce enough DMT for a life filled with multidimensional perception and experience. So, I’m not condoning the consumption of laboratory made DMT or shamanistic brews here, but rather, I am pointing out that we can have healthy and properly functioning pineal glands and in this way  we can better experience God’s multidimensional universe.

This all said, is it really any wonder why the Holy Spirit has been dealing with many of us with regard to our Spirit-independent diets, or with regard to our times of fasting, prayer and meditation (or lack thereof)? I’ve shared recently that multidimensional ministry is going to become the experience of Sons in the coming days. This won’t happen by us getting hit in the head with a magic-wand or by us getting sprinkled with fairy-dust, beloved. It will only come by way of THE DISCIPLINED LIFE of Sons. Ask the Spirit for yourself if this is so.

I may soon share some things on how to decalcify and activate the pineal gland. For a start; if you’re drinking tap water… STOP! The fluoride that is put in our municipal water is TOXIC, and it will calcify that gland and greatly impair its function.