Evening Musings

I know by experience that in the crucible a vague sadness can grab a hold of our hearts. This is because our spirit aspires to happiness and to liberty, and on finding itself tied to the physical body in a low vibration world it can become a bit exhausted through vain efforts to find release.

I was in Toronto a few years back with someone who could see quite well into other worlds and dimensions, and this person told me (and correctly so) that my spirit was outside of my body, it desiring to leave but it still tied to my body by way of the silver cord (I was going through some pretty rough $#!+ at the time). This guy then, somehow (I’m not sure that he even knows how he did it) moved my spirit/peri-spirit back into their rightful place. For lack of a better way of putting it, I was quite literally “beside myself,” but I felt more than “right” again after he did this – even told that my aura was giving off a brilliant, gloriously radiant glow. I could feel it.

Anyway, aspirations for a better life are inborn in all of mankind, beloved, but we who are fully given to God for His purposes are not to seek this in this world. Sure, God is sending us His Counselors and His Guides to instruct us in the way of true happiness, and this is reserved for us, but we are to await with patience for the time when our spirit and spirit-body are liberated from the ties which hold them captive in this outer-crust dimension of the spirit world.

My closest friends will tell you that I sometimes speak of being an exile here on Earth, an exile with a constantly unfolding mission to fulfill. I really do feel this way. And within the course of this exiled probation and while seeking exoneration, I sometimes need to STAND UP to uneasiness of heart and to low-vibration thoughts with resolve with the knowledge that these feelings will pass, and that the difficulties faced in this world are only THE MEANS by which I’m apprehending that for which I’ve been apprehended in Christ Jesus. I know that there will come a time when I will be especially JUBILANT at seeing and once again being AMONGST my high vibration spirit-brethen who are EVEN NOW holding out their hands towards us all so as to help GUIDE US to regions which are inaccessible to earthly trouble and afflictions.