Beloved, prevailing prayer is always in accordance with the Spirit, for it is the Spirit that quickens, gives life to the prayer(s). This quickening is God’s work of imparting Life to our words and to the meditations of our hearts. It is the ESSENCE of God Himself upon the thoughts and prayers of those who ABIDE in Him. BELIEVING that our Father has heard our prayers before the blessing of His response is manifested IS THE GOOD SOIL in which THE IMPERISHABLE SEED is planted. God’s ESSENCE (or quickening) though is what makes the imperishable seed grow and bear fruit. I guess that you can say that even in prayer we plant and water seed, but it is only God Who can bring the increase.

Another way of putting this, beloved, is that it is important for us to GET DIRECTION from the Spirit on what and how to pray, for otherwise we may be planting and watering seed for which THERE WILL BE NO INCREASE, simply because it wasn’t “God’s will” (His desire and purpose) in the first place – the reason so much prayer today is fruit-LESS…