The Epic Struggle – A Tool For Energetic Parasitism

As far as I see it, one of the most dangerous effects of the epic struggle is that it serves perfectly in allowing the ego to justify doing what it wants to do, namely, raising itself up at the expense of others. Really, it shouldn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to see this. Just look at how the sense of urgency in an epic struggle makes it justifiable for people to do almost anything. In a difficult struggle people can be easily led to do things that they know are wrong while being absolutely convinced that they are necessary in order to bring about a greater good or avoid a greater evil.

A rather severe and dangerous effect of the epic struggle is that it can lead to the state of consciousness that fully believes that “the end justifies the means.” This, beloved, is the very consciousness that is responsible for the vast majority of atrocities that we’ve seen in known history and beyond. When the “end’ is believed to be serious enough, people with this mindset can justify almost anything as a means to their end and do this with normal moral or ethical concerns completely taken out of the equation. Just what is happening in this process?

Well, although most people are blinded by the consciousness of duality (them still feeding from the knowledge tree of good and evil), most are not so blind that they have lost all sense of a greater reality, namely, that they have origins in a place higher in vibrational resonance than the 3D world and that doing certain things is not in the best interest of people. The only way that the ego can get people to do something that the inner man knows is non-constructive for themselves (or even for all of humankind) is to find a way to neutralize their inner sense of reality, and the primary tool for this? Of course, it’s the epic struggle.

And here again is where I mention the power elite who are seeking to control planet earth and its inhabitants. These beings have, as a result of their own choices, cut themselves off from being able to receive light directly from Spirit and because of this their continued existence is dependent upon STEALING LIGHT from beings who have not yet lost that connection. This form of robbery can only be done by getting people to misqualify the pure spiritual energy that they receive from above, and they do this by getting people to engage in SELF-CENTERED ACTIVITIES.

Some people might call these beings “the forces of anti-christ” or “the prince of this world.” The point here is, they have created elaborate schemes in the 3D and 4D worlds which continually build upon the epic struggle and they do this to override man’s most basic sense of right and wrong. This is about energetic parasitism. I may go into this further in the next e-mail.

Bless you. — D


I think that one of the divine intentions for me sharing what I have lately, is to help people better understand the spiritual dynamics behind some of their experiences, which can include discerning the intention of some rather malevolent 3D and 4D beings who are out to cause mis-qualification of Source energy so that THEY CAN STEAL IT.

Beloved, you and I both need energy in order to do anything in this world, and we get this energy from the I AM Presence. We cannot produce energy, but we can only FILTER and DIRECT the stream of energy which flows from THE SOURCE of everything.

Now, when you or I are brought to a place of low-vibration energetically (like through anger or bitterness or whatever vice), certain spirit beings ARE DRAWN to us for the very purpose of STEALING ENERGY from us and they do this by resonating with our low-vibe thoughts and emotions. The Bible calls this process “spiritual fornication.” For lack of a better way of putting it, this is how low-vibration spirit beings get “high,” them essentially acting as ENERGETIC PARASITES during this time of vibrational union.

This that I am describing is not just a work of discarnate spirits either. Take war for example. When blood is spilled and when negative emotions are generated in a battle, energy is released in HUGE amounts. Both people and spirit-world dark forces can then ABSORB this energy (there can literally be a vibrational feeding frenzy going on), and when they absorb enough of this energy they get to feel “drunk.” This often gives these spirits the sense that they are powerful, invincible (and for the incarnate ones) perhaps feel as if they have cheated death. This feeling will only last for a short time though, and then they will have to STEAL MORE ENERGY in order to get another “high.”

The POWER ELITE of this world “get high” all the time in this way, by sacrificing people for their purposes and then stealing their energy. Of course, they do this in A LOT of different ways (I think that you can probably imagine). There is all sorts of energy stealing going on in the churches too, and through the media and the government, though I’m not going to get into that with you here.

Beloved, you should be able to see in all of this how even dark energy and power ORIGINATES with God, that IT IS Source Energy intended for a good purpose, but STOLEN for selfish and dark reasons. There’s a lot to say about this, though I may move on to something else.