Enough is Enough, Already!

Surely, one application of “the first will be last and the last first” is that when those who are the most experienced and who have attained positions of leadership become rigid in their approach to “the path” or in their approach to teaching or organization, their growth comes to a screeching halt, while there are those who have not been in the organization for as long and have not become rigid and dogmatic and therefore they are still committed to growth. The latter here can still use the teaching or the organization to grow, but there comes a point where they start growing beyond the level of spiritual attainment of those who are in leadership positions and where they can no longer just passively follow them, so they move on.

It seems to me that in almost every organization of any merit there is a certain group of people who grow out of the ego-consciousness of the organization and instead connect with Spirit. Of course, these are the ones who are truly worthy to hold positions of leadership or in other ways express their Christhood within the framework of the organization, but this almost never happens because the leaders who have become rigid and who have lost their commitment to growth feel threatened by these people, and so they then seek to hold them back (or put them down – suppress them) in some way. Frankly, I think that this is one of the greatest tragedies in spiritual organizations.

With regard to all of this, I heard the Spirit say, “Enough is enough, already! It is time to establish organizations and movements on this planet where the ego games of man can no longer destroy the organization and suppress and/or condemn those who are sincerely following the path, and this is why you must now be FULLY COMMITTED to overcoming all ego games, first in yourselves, and then be fully committed to helping others overcome these things too.”

Let me just add here that the context in which I share these things is that the Spirit is indicating that many of us are soon(?) going to be living in community – truly enjoying life without limits together (and for the benefit of others who need help) and that all vestiges of division or unrighteous criticism or competitiveness(…) must be dealt with fully before this can happen. That’s all. In other words, many of us are now being prepared in heart for a much greater expression of the Kingdom of God on earth, and that expression seems to be just around the corner.