Energetic Parasites

Beloved, you and me (as spirits) have been sent into the world of FORM, which is a realm in which EVERYTHING is created from energy. This energy comes from the very Creator’s Being, meaning; that the energy out of which the world of form is made was not produced inside the world of form and thus it has no independent existence.

On a personal level, this means that you and me both need energy in order to do anything in this world, and that we get this energy from the I AM Presence. We cannot produce energy, but we can only FILTER and DIRECT the stream of energy which flows from THE SOURCE of energy.

Of course, Source energy is UNLIMITED, but it is limited TO US depending upon our degree of separation from the Source. Another way of putting this is that we are CONDUITS or tubes through which the energy of God can flow, but the diameter of these tubes is determined by the SURRENDER of our hearts to the will and purposes from the Father. This is the principle that is described in the parable about the talents, beloved. In other words, if we use the energy we receive from God to RAISE UP ALL LIFE, then we will receive more for that purpose – our tube diameter through which Spirit-energy can flow will be INCREASED. But, if we use what we’re given to raise OURSELVES up instead of pouring it out for others, we will receive less and less of this energy, our tube diameter will essentially SHRINK, and if we continue to live selfishly we will eventually come to a point where we receive only enough Source energy to keep our physical body alive. At this point we will feel spiritually dry – like we have no spiritual power (because we don’t).

There are many incarnate and discarnate spirits who have gotten themselves to this point, and here is where it gets pretty dark, as what happens is that these beings learn to STEAL ENERGY from others. Let me try to explain…

When you or I are brought to a place of low vibration energetically (like through anger or bitterness or through lust), spirit beings ARE DRAWN to us for the very purpose of STEALING ENERGY from us (literally absorbing some of our energy) by resonating with our being. For lack of a better way of putting this, this is how these low vibration spirit beings get “high,” them essentially acting as ENERGETIC PARASITES.

This is not just a work of discarnate spirits either. Take war for example. When blood is spilled and when negative emotions are generated in a battle, energy is released in HUGE amounts. Both people and spirit world dark forces can then ABSORB this energy (there can literally be a vibrational feeding frenzy going on), and when they absorb enough of this energy they get to feel “drunk,” and this gives them the sense that they are powerful, invincible and (for the incarnate ones) perhaps feel as if they have cheated death. This feeling will last for a time, and then they will have to STEAL MORE ENERGY in order to get another “high.”

The POWER ELITE of this world “get high” all the time in this way, by sacrificing people for their purposes and then stealing their energy (this, by the way, is the idea behind the satanic ritual of human sacrifice). There is all sorts of energy stealing going on in the churches too. I’m not going to get into that here though.

There are many more and quite varied examples which I could give you to show you how all of this works, beloved, but I think that’s enough for now. I may share more later. You should be able to see in this how even dark energy and power ORIGINATES with God in that IT IS SOURCE ENERGY intended for good but STOLEN for selfish and dark purposes.

I really had no idea where this was going. Yikes.