Eating Unworthily

I feel that I’m supposed to mention here that the table (where we eat) is supposed to be a sacred place. It was considered in this way by the Jews in the days of old, and this is why the Scribes and Pharisees gave Jesus such a hard time about eating with drunkards and tax collectors and women of ill repute. Jesus later explained to His disciples though that it is not so much about who is physically gathered at the table but that the gathering be A HIGH LEVEL SPIRITUAL FEAST. This is why Jesus, when breaking bread with His disciples, said, “When you do this, do it unto ME (in remembrance of what I have done for you and what I have taught you).”

I’ve often wondered why it is that when gathered with others for a meal (even with family) I sometimes feel the need to excuse myself to return to a place of quiet meditation before the Lord. I now understand why this is. Beloved, as I have shared in the past, our thoughts and our words are ENERGY and the vibrations of these thoughts and words draws unto us SPIRITS of like vibration from the spirit world. What I’m trying to get at here is that when we “gather together” for dinner we are also gathering to our table BEINGS which are in agreement with the vibrations of the thoughts and conversation of the people seated at the table. I sometimes feel the need to excuse myself from the table when I discern that low vibrational entities are unknowingly being welcomed into the meeting which is supposed to be a gathering “unto the Lord.” Now, there is a time for ministry to low vibration beings, but it is not by thinking and acting like those beings do. Also, to think and act as low vibration beings do at the time of eating is especially bad, because…

Do any of you remember a few years back when I showed how prayer and high vibration thoughts and words can effect the structure of food and water (which is also vibrating energy by the way)? Well, the same thing goes for LOW vibration thoughts and words, they too can effect the structure of the food and drink that you and I consume. You may want to think for a moment here about Paul’s words about eating and drinking in “an unworthy manner,” beloved, about how people can be eating and drinking judgment unto themselves by doing that. Was Paul (to the Corinthians) writing about the religious juice and cracker (“communion”) ritual? No, though many people think so, I don’t. I think that what Paul was getting at is what Jesus was getting at, and this is that meal time is supposed to be A SPIRITUAL FEAST as much as a physical feast, and of how lowly thought and conversation while eating can negatively effect the energetic substructure of the food and this then the energetic substructure of the people! Might this be why Paul wrote; “That (eating unworthily) is why many of you are weak and sick and some have even died.”

Now again, what about the spirit entities which have joined the meeting? Well, their presence (whether good or bad – low vibration or high vibration) apparently serves in amplifying the whole vibration of the meeting and this of course largely effects the structuring of the food and the drink.

So, y’all might want to consider being a little more meditative and spiritually minded at the dinner table, and not so quick to bash Obama, or gossip about Aunt Millie, or crack vile jokes, or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, as these things are affecting you and your gatherers in far greater ways than you can probably imagine. We assimilate not just the nutrition of our food, beloved, but the vibration of it too. Something to think about.