Dream of the Manchild

I had a dream last night in which I was walking and holding a baby. I knew that this baby was mine, and I was quite proud that it had come forth. The baby was sitting upright as I held it and I held it so that we could look deeply into one another’s eyes as we walked along. The baby had the face of a little angel but it had a head full of (dark) hair and when it spoke it spoke as an adult but with the very tender voice of an infant. As we were walking together (there were others walking with us) I noticed a tear come from the babies left eye. Somehow, I knew this to be a tear of joy. As the tear then rolled down the most beautiful little cheek, the baby said to me, “I didn’t think that I was going to make it.”

Beloved, the interpretation of this might be obvious to some of you, but for the sake of those to whom it is not obvious, I will simply share this…

This dream too relates to Revelation 12, especially to the Manchild (Huios) that is to come forth from each one of us individually. This baby represents Christ in us being manifested as the Deliverer for which all of creation has been groaning. Also, the baby had a real good reason to believe that it “would not make it” because THIS baby has for long been aborted (time and time and time again) in the Christian Church.