Distinguishing the Nature of Our Thoughts

A little more for you here about the way the spirit world functions, especially with regard to its influence on your thoughts…

In a nutshell; in the spirit world the good go everywhere, as it is necessary that they do so in order to bring their influence to bear upon the evil and corrupt minded. The regions inhabited by highly evolved spirits are not accessible to inferior spirits though, and this is so that the latter cannot bring corruption into pleasant and holy abodes by the introduction of their dark passions.

In other words, beloved, good spirits from the upper dimensions of the spirit world endeavor to combat the evil tendencies of other spirits in lower dimensions, and they do this in order to AID others in raising themselves to a higher degree. This interaction, is, for the good spirits, a kingdom “mission.”

Spirits who have not yet earned a place among the good also have a mission (though not necessarily a God-given one). Their desire is to prevent (as far as they are able) other spirits from attaining to the happiness from which they are excluded. Essentially, these spirits desire to make others suffer what they themselves suffer, and to this end they are continually working to influence the thinking and actions of others (including you and me).

Beloved, by way of our thoughts we are continually evoking the spiritual influences of good, the not so good or evil. Think of the the scriptural exhortation to “take thoughts captive” here. What this means, basically, is to STUDY THE QUALITY OF THOUGHTS. Good spirits who are working for the benefit of the Father’s kingdom GIVE ONLY GOOD COUNSEL. This said, it is for us to distinguish THE NATURE of the influence of our thoughts.

Imperfect spirits are used by our Father as INSTRUMENTS for trying men’s faith and constancy in well-doing, but they are not assigned (by God) to do evil. No spirit ever receives a mission (from God) to do evil, but rather, a spirit does it of its own will and therefore it undergoes the consequences of its wrongdoing. Our Father may let evil have its way (for a season) in order to TRY US, but He does not command spirits to do evil, and it is for US to repel such spirits and their intentions.

Being spirits ourselves, you and I must advance in the knowledge of the infinite, beloved, and it is for this end that you and I are made to pass through the trials of dark influence in order to attain to THE FULLNESS OF GOODNESS. The mission of our heavenly family is to lead us down the righteous kingdom path from moment to moment. When we are acted upon by dark influences, it is because we have attracted LOWLY SPIRITS to ourselves by way of our LOWLY DESIRES, for dark and evil and even mischievous spirits WILL ALWAYS come to aid us in doing the evil that we desire to do, but they can only help us to do this when we give way to darkness in our hearts. In other words, if we are someone who is inclined to worry or to fear or to anger or to lust, we will have about us SWARMS OF SPIRITS who will keep these inclinations alive in us, but we will also have OTHERS ABOUT US who will try to influence us FOR GOOD. This, in some way, restores BALANCE to the influence and leaves us to make a decision. It is in this way that God leaves to our conscience the choice or the road that we decide to follow, and gives us THE LIBERTY of yielding to one or other of the opposing influences that act upon us.

Can we free ourselves from the influence of the spirits who incite us to wrong thinking or wrong doing? YES, WE CAN, for dark spirits only attach themselves to those who ATTRACT THEM them by the nature of dark thoughts and desires. When we renounce the temptations of dark spirits and they see that they cannot accomplish their aim, they will give up the attempt (“resist the devil and he will flee from you”). This does not mean that these spirits will not continue to WATCH for a favorable moment to influence us again though. Remember this.

By walking in the Spirit; being led by the Spirit and putting all our trust in God and not ourselves we can REPEL the influence of inferior spirits and prevent them from obtaining power over us, beloved. So, take care not to listen to the suggestions of spirits who inspire you with ungodly thoughts or who desire to stir up discord among you and excite in you wayward passions. Distrust especially those who flatter your PRIDE, for, in so doing, spirits attack you on your weakest side.

Jesus has exhorted us to pray, “Let us not be led unto (succumb to) temptation, but rather be delivered from evil.” This that I write about today is all about that. When you feel a sensation of vague anxiety, or of indefinable uneasiness, or of interior (self) satisfaction and this without any assignable cause, you can be pretty sure that these sensations/feelings are the result of communications which you unconsciously receive from the spirits that are round about you, beloved. Succumb not. If you do not discern the source of such thoughts and feelings then you are in DANGER of being taken advantage of; by succumbing; by being urged on (without you being aware of it) towards the object of mischievous and dark entities in the spirit world.